Monday, November 23, 2015

Ponderize Week 7, Allergist and Physical

Scott choose our ponderize scripture for week 7. Psalms 101:7; I think he was trying to teach the children a lesson with this one :).

 Nora has been such a trooper this week, tagging along with me in the mornings to 2 exercise classes on different days, an appointment with an allergist and an appointment at the health center for a physical. She was so good for all of them and didn't whine or get inpatient with our sometimes longer waits and tests that needed to be done. I'm fine and good; I hadn't seen a doctor since I had Nora 3 1/2 years ago and figured it'd be good to go visit one and get checked out, and as for the allergist, I  wanted to find out what I'm allergic too since I get seasonal allergies pretty bad in the Fall and Spring.
 At the allergist appointment, a nurse wrote numbers on my back, 50, and then pricked me 50 times with various extracts from weeds, trees, mostly environmental things and then also did some common food and pet allergens as well. I got super itchy and had several big welts which meant I had some allergies.
 I am severely allergic to weeds, all sorts and kinds, which pollinate in the Fall, and grass which pollinates in the Spring, and dust mites. I'm also allergic to a couple of trees and cats. Most of these were a surprise, minus the weeds, which I guessed over this past year. With my milk sensitivity or lactose intolerance, I was grateful that I didn't have any allergies to foods.
 This has been my go-to 'grab on our way out the door' snack for Nora, which we had to pack most mornings this week with all our different appointments.
My physical went well. We did some blood work and I found out that my cholesterol was 'optimal' with my HDL(good cholesterol) at 62 which, anything above 60 means it's considered protective against heart disease, and my LDL (bad cholesterol) was at 92, which anything less that 100 is optimal; so my total cholesterol was 166 and anything less that 200mg is desirable. So all great with cholesterol. My BMI was 23 and the ideal for women my age is between 18.5-24.9, so that was good. My blood pressure was 118 (systolic) over 78 (diastolic) and anything below 120 for systolic and below 80 for diastolic is ideal. So everything checked out great; I figured it would considering the way we eat which is mostly whole foods, and considering that we exercise 6 times a week, but still, it was nice to hear the doctors and the blood work, reaffirm that.

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