Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ponderize Week 5, Gratitude Tree, Nora's date

It was Annabelle's turn to choose our Ponderize scripture for Week five. She choose John 14:15, If ye love me keep my commandments. 
Charles was feeling under the weather for a couple of days this week. He had a fever for a day, was tired and his head and tummy hurt and he had coughing and congestion. We were thinking maybe a sinus infection, but we're not totally sure. Sunday is when I noticed the coughing, I kept him home Monday when he had a fever, sent him to school Tuesday because he was feeling better, but when he came home from school he was very low energy and told me he fell asleep on his desk during math, and after he told me that he went out to the living room and feel asleep on the floor. So I kept him home again Wednesday but he was definitely feeling better then and had all his energy restored...and he's got a lot of it! I mostly wanted to make sure he had energy for our family photo shoot that night, so I had him rest up a lot during the day, but he also played in between resting times. 

And since he was feeling better, I gave him several double digital multiplication problems to solve since that's what they're working on in school, and he did really well once I showed him how to space his numbers out a keep things clean and organized so he wasn't adding up and multiplying incorrect numbers in incorrect rows.
Jane and Nora enjoyed having him home to play with.
The morning after our photo shoot, Thursday, Nora walked into the corner of our wall in the house and did this to her head. It was HUGE! I was so grateful she didn't do this a day earlier; I am sure the Lord sent extra angels to keep the kids protected and safe and bruise and injury free since he knows how much we love our family pictures.
Thursday Nora and I made a double batch of  pumpkin bread (with carob chips). We made 3 8x4 inch loaves and 24 muffins. We brought one loaf to my friend Elisa who was moving that weekend, just down the street from her house, but still having to pack up all her kitchen and everything else, and we wanted to bring something fast and quick and nutritious so I brought it over when I went over Friday morning to help her pack. We brought a second loaf to Lindsay's when we went over Friday afternoon to play, because I knew my kids would get hungry at some point and I wanted to have something to share with all our kids. This bread is one of our favorites and it's honey sweetened and whole wheat, which I love! I'll be posting it on my food blog next week and I'll try and remember to link it back here.

I snapped this picture of our food storage (short term...long term, with lots of number ten cans, is in another spot) with the lovely shelves scott built for me in the storage/laundry room. He really did an excellent job. On the bottom I have all my wheat and oat buckets. I go through about 4 wheat buckets in a year and I'm not yet sure how many oat buckets. I should keep track this year, but probably something comparable, maybe even more because we eat and make a lot of granola.

We put our gratitude tree up in the entryway/hallway this week. It looks beautiful. And we're continually adding 'leaves' each day with what we're grateful for.
November is Nora's month to go on a date with Mom and Dad. She was determined to get ice cream, so we took her out Saturday night for ice cream. She wanted blue ice cream with marshmallows. Scott and I have decided to allow ourselves one serving of a 'sugar' treat a week until Thanksgiving so we saved it for Saturday. And hopefully after Thanksgiving we'll continue this habit which we've found is a really good one...we've been feeling great during the week with more energy when we not only don't have sugar, but also go to bed on time and exercise daily. Doing those three things each day makes a HUGE difference in our energy, patience and thinking..we can think a lot more clear headed when all those pieces are in play.
And then she danced to the music. 
Several couples walked in the door all dressed up for some sort of high school formal, and when she was the guys dressed in their tux's while she was dancing, she grabbed one of their hands while continuing to dance! He laughed and then continued walking over to get in line with his date, so Nora let go and just kept on dancing.

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