Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween Pictures

I snapped this picture of the kids just before school on Thursday October 29th, the day of their Halloween Costume Parade and class parties.

We went and watched the costume parade and then headed over to Annabelle's 2nd grade class because I am the room mom which means I do the holiday parties. Here is Nora, or Elsa, with our cute neighbor Anna. 

Jane was a super cute witch!
Elisabeth as Hermione. I took pictures of all the kids during the parade but both Charles and Annabelle wouldn't stop so I could take a picture so their pictures turned out super blurry.
Nora loved being able to attend Annabelle's classroom party and she tagged along Annabelle's side and did whatever she did. Annabelle was a cute, freckle-faced cowgirl.
I was in charge of the toilet paper mummy game (like last year at Charles' party).
I had a parent do a craft,
and another parent do another game/activity. I am SO grateful  to all the parents who helped in class and with games etc and for any who brought in food and other supplies. I used the signup genius once again, a free online sign up page, and it makes planning parties a breeze which I love.

Saturday morning, Halloween, Elisabeth and I got dressed up and went to a special hour and a half Halloween Zumba class. I go every Tuesday and Saturday; a friend of mine teaches free classes those days. It's about a fifteen minute drive but I love it. I took a black dress that I never wear and cut it at the arms and the bottom hem to look a little more witchy and I thought it turned out pretty good. And I made spiderwebs around my eyes with makeup that surprisingly stayed on throughout the entire Zumba class even though I was sweating a lot, and stayed on the rest of the day.

I snapped this of Nora around 4pm on Saturday. She passed out on the couch for a couple of hours. Tired from all our fun Halloween activities from the weekend.
Halloween evening, around 5pm, we had a few families over for pizza and salad (everyone brought a couple of pizzas) and then the kids watched part of Hotel Transylvania, just until it started to get dark outside, and then we went out trick or treating.
Elisabeth with Abby and Maddie.
Nora changed her costume multiple times over the week for various activities and Halloween night she decided to wear Anna's old horse costume from the previous year (I believe). She's a cutie in whatever she wears. 
I stayed home and sat on the front porch bench while reading my next book club book, and handed out glow sticks and some leftover candy from Annabelle's halloween class party. It was a beautiful night. The kids each came home with quite a bit of candy and they ate several that night and then picked out about ten other favorites and put them in a ziploc bag with their name on it and Scott's going to take everything else to work to share. 

Happy Halloween!

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