Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chef Jane, Star Fall, NC prep, football

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we get to spend it with the Smith family in North Carolina! Sunday night, the night before we left, the kids were so excited it was hard to get them settled down and in bed, but we did it and we even managed to get the house all clean before we took off early Monday morning. Over the weekend we prepped for our flight to NC by doing laundry, cleaning and packing and this was part of that prep too: dividing out snacks and putting them in quart sized ziploc bags with their names on them. We'll have lots more pictures and a separate post on our North Carolina trip next week, once we're back home and I have time to sit down and write and load pictures. 
I try and prep dinner in the mornings or early afternoons, before all the kids are home from school and the house gets really busy, and I love that the girls will often time do dinner prep with me. And they love it! This week Jane helped me make a vegetarian lasagne. I've learned that if I want lots of veggies in there, I've got to blend them up and mix them in with the sauce so the kids won't pick them all out :).

 My friend Desi, from Colorado, told me about Star Fall, an educational app quite some time ago, but it wasn't until just recently that we put those apps on our phones and kindle fires for the girls to use and I love it! This one we have is mostly for early learners, probably 2-5 years old, or until they learn all their alphabet letters and sounds and are putting words together.
Jane snapped these photos of Nora, asking her to do different faces and expressions. 

 She's a good actress.

 I love this picture of Charles out with a couple of friends playing football, Charles doing a little victory dance near the fence :).
 Saturday Annabelle and I were invited to attend the BYU football game that afternoon with our good friends, Elisa and Annika. It was such a fun date. I love Elisa and Annabelle loves Annika so pretty much anything we do together is going to be great.
 The girls weren't super interested in the football game but were able to stay happy and distracted most of the time with visiting, watching Cosmo the cougar, the marching band, cheerleaders, cougarettes and eating stadium food :).
 I think the people behind us were a little annoyed that we got up during the middle of a play to get food. In fact, Elisa overheard one of them say something like, "do they even come here to watch the game?" :) I laughed when Elisa shared that with me.
Here are our girls, all cozied up in there winter jackets, hats and gloves, and Annabelle even pulled her hat over her face to keep it a little warmer :). Love these girls!

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