Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Family Photos (at Fotofly)

We had our family photos taken at FotoFly this past week which is professional studio that is fairly inexpensive compared to other professional photography studios. We did the indoor photo shoot which is cheaper than the outdoor shoot by $50, and I'm glad we did because the day we went it had rained and snowed a little and there were dark skies and it was very cold.

So how fotofly works is you pay $80 and you can about a 45 minute photo session where they do what you want with your immediate family (if you have more families joining, you pay more). I wanted a couple family shots, individual shots of the kids that were very traditional (think school pictures so nothing too trendy like sideways shots or top of the head cut off etc; we don't buy school pictures because it's be $60 just to get one traditional photo of the four kids which seems ridiculous to me so we always plan to do it with our family shoot), a couple shot and a shot with all the kids together.
These first several are very similar. This one below is the one we're going to blow up and frame for the living room. I prefer photos that are cropped in close so you can really see what they look like.

Silly Faces
I didn't love this one because I feel like it's too focused or centered on me. But I'll put one of the many they took in here just so we can remember the other poses. 

And we did a couple of standing family photos which looked okay, but we really liked the couch one the best. 

I do like this one quite a bit:
Next are the Individual shots. They take so many photos of each of these shots including family and the sibling shot etc which I'm grateful for because the kids had these fakes smiles in a lot of them that looked very forced and just not like themselves, or they'd squint or close their eyes, so it was nice to have lots to choose from. These two were Elisabeth's best.

And Charles' best: 
This is one they took when they asked him to make a funny face which I thought was hilarious :). 
Annabelle was probably the most photogenic. Most of hers were really good so these are my top 3 favorite:

On the other hand, it was really hard to get even one with Jane with her natural and normal smile, but we did finally get one (probably this is the one they got when the photographers either said 'turkey butt' or that mom or dad tooted :); they caught the kids off guard with the words that they said, but it really did make them laugh, so whatever long as it's not too inappropriate :)).
Nora had some really cute ones too, but getting her to actually look at the camera was the hardest part. 

I LOVED these siblings shots. The photographers were so good about placing the hands and arms just so, and making the kids stand up straight with shoulder down, but then also leaning in slightly so they didn't look stiff. I actually just really enjoyed watching the photographers do their thing and seeing their studio with all their big lights and reflectors etc.

And the couple shots. This first one is our favorite.

Overall we were really happy with our experience at fotofly: good price, good with kids, and great photos. I didn't end up printing any there because it's quite a bit more expensive than doing it at say Costco, but I also don't have a disk drive on my computer so instead I paid the extra $8 to get online storage space for our photos and within a couple of hours of finishing our shoot, they emailed me a link that had all the photos and then I can download them to my computer and/or send the link to family members or whoever and/or put them on my blog or facebook etc.

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