Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Witches Night Out at Gardener Village and E on Pinterest

When we took Jane on her date out to dinner a few weeks ago at Gardener Village, we had forgotten that they were doing the Witches Night Out and we just happened to be there on one of those nights. Jane loved her date and came home and told the kids all about it and they asked if some time during October if we could go see the witches, and if we could go when it was dark because they thought it'd be more fun. Well, it wasn't actually that fun at dark, and we went on probably the busiest night ever. There were literally thousands of people! The music was loud, lines to go in anywhere were long and nearly everyone was dressed up in witch costumes (or other costumes) and it was hard to see anything over all the tall witch hats. 

After a short time the kids decided they really didn't like Witches Night Out after all. Loud music, plus loads of people does not equal "our thing". But since we were there and we paid the five dollars to park way out in China (thousands of people, remember), we decided to walk around for a bit and take pictures with the statue witches and watch a few minutes of the witches parade which started at 8pm. The witches parade is just where they have a stage and loud music, and they'll let maybe ten people on the stage at a time to dance around for a minute as they walk off the other side of the stage. Because of all the people and their tall witch hats, the kids couldn't see a thing, so Scott held Nora and the oldest four asked if they could sneak past people and go up a little ways in front of us to the front where they could see better. We agreed to let them do that and I told them to be sure to stay together and that we'd be waiting in this same spot, and off they went. After about 5 minutes Scott said that he'd take Nora to get the van and asked that the kids and I come meet him out by the parking lot in about 15 minutes when he thought he'd be there. I agreed and then enjoyed watching the parade by myself for about 5 minutes until I looked ahead and around and realized I could not see the kids. I started kindly and apologetically pushing my way through people, saying I was looking for my kids. I got myself all the way to the front and then looked left and right and could not spot any of them. I started to panic. All sorts of thoughts started running quickly through my head: what if I can't find them. I need scott to help me. I'll call him. Wait, he forgot his phone at home! He's going to be there in a few minutes and we won't be at the spot where we're supposed to meet him and then what? This thing doesn't end for hours and there are thousands of people! I stepped back to my previous spot and stood there and thought a few minutes longer. I think 5 minutes had passed now since the time I realized I couldn't find the kids. I finally thought to pray, and I did. I turned around and noticed a kid standing on top of a large wagon. Not my kid, but he was high up enough for people to see and notice him. I walked over to the wagon and go on top too; it wasn't too far away from my original spot so I figured if the kids went back to that original spot, I'd see them easy. I stood there looking into the crowd for maybe 2 minutes when I say all four kids emerge, coming toward me. They had spotted me. I said a quick pray of thanks and jumped down to meet them.
I am so grateful that we're never really left alone, and that the Lord is always there to help us if we'll just ask and then listen and follow his guidance (sometimes in the form of a new/good idea).
Once the kids and I were together, we quickly walked to where we were supposed to meet Scott and we waited maybe 2 minutes before we spotted our van driving over to us. 

Once all were safely gathered in, we drove to Kneaders and got each person a pastry (they are 50% off Saturday nights after 8) which was what we had originally planned on doing since we knew there would be long lines at Gardener Village and overpriced items. 

 I snapped this picture of Scott and Jane Sunday after church, as they made a bread pudding for dessert. We used our whole wheat bread and it tasted wonderful.
I introduced Elisabeth to pinterest about a year ago and she has done some cool things with it since. She planned her Harry Potter birthday party which was awesome, and this past week she made this fun Halloween spider web out of a lawn and leaf bag, 
she made these witches with the little girls using their hands for the body, 
 and she found this cool contraption for our fruit fly problem which totally worked! We seriously had an infestation of these fruit flys all of a sudden and both Scott and I had looked up some homemade traps that we experimented with and failed, but this one that Elisabeth found worked! So we made a couple more and we kept two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, which is where most were, and it worked! Within hours our bug problem was no more!
 All it is is a paper funnel, place in a large quart sized jar (actually this one is bigger, it was a big spaghetti jar) with a little piece of banana and 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar in the bottom, and some tape around the top of the jar and paper and that's it. Once we had a lot in there I put a plastic grocery bag over the top, stuck it in the freezer for an hour, and then when I took it out they were all dead. I let it sit out for about 10 minutes then brought it outside and dumped the contents into the grocery bag, tied it up and threw it in our outdoor garbage.
Once we had a lot in there I put a plastic grocery bag over the top, stuck it in the freezer for an hour, 

and then when I took it out they were all dead. I let it sit out for about 10 minutes then brought it outside and dumped the contents into the grocery bag, tied it up and threw it in our outdoor garbage. 

 And random picture; I photo bombed Charles' selfie :). He does that to everyone so I thought it was only fair :).

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