Monday, October 26, 2015

Ponderize, Char sports, Altra Zero Drop, basement update

We are taking turns choosing the Ponderize scripture of the week. Week three was Elisabeth's turn and she picked 1 Nephi 10:18. 
I snapped this picture of Charles before school started. He likes to get to school ten minutes early (or around there) so that he has time to play a quick game of football or whatever sport they feel like playing.
I have been in need of a new pair of running shoes and Scott and I went to the Run Gr8 store and had them do a little test on our feet to see where we put pressure and to check our arches and how we run. Once they do that they help you find a shoe that's good for your foot. I had a hard time deciding between the saucony, brooks and altra shoes, but decided on the altra because I've had a pair of both saucony and brooks before but not altra. I got the zero drop shoes which means there's no heel, so it feels more natural, like you're running barefoot, but with cushion. I've taken them out on a few runs and I've used them while weightlifting and doing Zumba and so far so good. I love that the toe area is so much more roomy so the top of my toes don't feel squished up at the top.

And here's another basement room update. We've recently textured and painted (Scott textured, I painted) the hallway, and Scott has started putting up the bead board, baseboard and chair rail and he's hoping to finish that this week and put the crown molding up on Saturday, which means, we might be all done by this Saturday!!! Wahoo! But I'm not holding my breath because it seems something always happens or comes up and so when we say that we think it'll be done in a week or two, it's not really. But, it is coming along and should be done very, very soon. Tonight we have a guy (friend's father, actually) coming to put the texture on the ceiling...that was one thing Scott did not want to do himself if he could help it. He did electrical and framing and everything else though :). I LOVE the way the bead board looks on this wall, and the paint color (which is called Gray Owl, and it's a Benjamin Moore paint).

Here's a before picture of that same glad to have that orangey/brownish color gone, and the rectangle woodwork design on the lower half of the wall:

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