Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jane's date, Halloween prep, E recital, Sacrament Meeting

October is Jane's month to go on a date with mom and dad. She decided on dinner at Gardner Village, and it just so happened that it was also WitchFest so there were lots and lots of witches, spooky music and vendors out selling fun things. Jane enjoyed trying out all the things the vendors were selling, like this witches hat.
Because it was Witchfest, we ended up having to wait to get into Archibalds for an hour, and then we waited another half hour before our food arrived, which meant we had a late-for-us, 730pm dinner. But Jane didn't mind. She was just thrilled to have some time alone with mom and dad.

And she was super happy because she knew she was going to get to pick out a special, light-up wand from one of the vendors after dinner. And to our dismay  surprise, it sings too! Really loud. And in a language we do not understand; perhaps chinese? Jane thinks it's pretty special, so we just ask that she use the singing button when she is outside :).

Elisabeth took some pictures around the house Saturday. Here Scott's cleaning up his mess from mudding the downstairs room, and I am warming up lunch for one of the children.
And apparently Annabelle was pouting. She's at that age where it's not uncommon.
We made a Jack-O-Lantern, whole wheat pizza for dinner Saturday night. This is my favorite recipe.
And we're doing some Halloween prep around here for my whole food blog. We'll be handing out glow sticks this year which the kids love, and these are a couple fun and festive halloween snacks for the kids to bring to school. 
Elisabeth had her recital Saturday night and she played a piece by Bach. She did wonderfully, though she was a little distraught for forgetting a tiny part at the very end. But really, the whole thing was amazing!
The following day, both Elisabeth and I were a part of our sacrament meeting program. I gave a talk on Elder Larry Lawrence and Sister Marriotts general conference talks. They both spoke about asking in prayer, if there is more we can be doing to improve ourselves. After my talk, Elisabeth played an arrangement of My Heavenly Father Loves Me (arranged by Marvin Goldstein). It was beautiful and I was touched by the spirit through the music. 

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