Monday, October 19, 2015

Hiking Lisa Falls, Week 2 Ponderize, Jane starts piano, Remembrance Box

 Saturday, a week ago, our family drove to Little Cotton Wood canyon(25 min) for a quick and easy hike that had a small waterfall. The hike was a total of 1/2 a mile there and back, which was easy for just about everyone, and just right for Nora. We didn't have a lot of time, but this was fast enough that we were able to squeeze it in and I'm so glad we did. We love hiking and being active and outdoors. I love the mountains with all their giant rocks, beautiful trees with leaves that are changing colors and the peaceful and calming waterfalls and small streams.

 We sat on some rocks by the stream for awhile and let the water run over our hands.
 Nora had to go potty while we were up there and there are no bathrooms anywhere, so we offered to take her to a secret spot and have her go pee in the woods. It sounded too horrible (it would to me too) and she refused but she couldn't hold it much longer and ended up peeing in her clothes while standing in the stream. We rinsed her off there but kept her clothes on until we got back down to the van (she still hiked back down without trouble) and then we took off her bottoms and I tied Scott's bandana around her like undies which she thought was pretty funny. She must have been comfortable in the bandana because after a few minutes of driving, she was fast asleep.
 Sunday we choose our week 2 scripture to Ponderize. I love this one! Wednesday morning when I went for a 6 mile jog at 530 in the morning, when it was still very dark and the stars were shining, I repeated this verse in my head over and over again, which helped me to feel stronger as I ran that distance and more courageous and not afraid during that dark morning when I was alone. I am loving that we are doing this and that all of us (except maybe Nora and Jane who are too young to memorize and remember the scriptures) will have so many scriptures memorized that we can recall and use in times of trouble, for comfort, advice and so much more.
 We've started the kids in piano when they turn 6. Jane is 5 but Elisabeth is going to be her teacher for the first year or two and they both decided that they wanted to start early (Elisabeth is out of all the piano book levels and wants to practice teaching with her sister so that down the road, she'll feel a little more experienced and able to teach other children). Elisabeth gives Jane a 30 minute lesson once a week, usually Wednesday after school because it's a less busy day for Elisabeth. During the week in this first year, as with my other children who have gone through piano, I sit down with Jane and help her practice. Here's her piano notebook with what she's supposed to practice for the week.
 Wednesday afternoon, Nora, Jane and I went grocery shopping at Sprouts and Costco. We were gone for a couple of hours and they were exhausted by the end...I unbuckled Nora when we got home and then I started bringing in groceries and when I went back out to get more, both of the girls were fast asleep, Nora standing with her top half laying in her car seat.

 Once everything was unloaded, Nora slept on so I just left her and after about 15 more minutes she moved to the floor of the van and slept for another 20 minutes or so.
 The kids had early release Wednesday and no school Thursday and Friday which was fun. They finished chores and piano in the morning and then played with friends/neighbors in the afternoons. We followed our normal nightly routine, dinner, clean up with music and dancing, reading books, scriptures and prayer and putting the little girls to bed. Once they were in bed the older kids and I watched a movie together (Scott, the dear, continued to mud the bedroom and hallway...they were movies he'd seen before so he didn't mind).

Thursday afternoon, Jim Madsen (Charles Primary teacher and the former stake president) dropped this remembrance box off that he made for me, with a very nice note expressing his condolences for the passing of my dad and thanking me for my talk I gave Sunday which had helped a couple of his grown kids who were there visiting. His thoughtfulness and love touched my heart and I felt the love of the Lord, once again. That day I put dad's harmonica inside the box, rummaged through some pictures and found a few favorites of dad that I also added to my box, and then I listened to some old voice mails I had saved on my phone and watched old videos on my youtube channel of dad.
 Elisabeth took this picture of Scott reading to Nora at night before bed. He is such a good dad and a loving and supportive husband. We're lucky to have him!

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