Monday, October 12, 2015

First week of October and A and C Recital

Jane is LOVING kindergarten. It is her answer to my nightly question of, "what was your favorite thing today?" I was worried that she wouldn't go in the beginning or that she'd hate it, because she refused to go to her church class for SO long; months! But come to find out it she felt uncomfortable and friendless with us just moving here from out of state and she only had boys in her class which made it even worse. But she's played with the boys a couple of times now, outside of church, at playgroups etc, and she doesn't mind as much, and the real life saver was when Kim was called to be Jane's primary teacher. Once my good friend Kim was in there, Jane agreed to go and stay and we haven't had any problems since.

So anyway, she loves school, she's made some girlfriends and she LOVES her teacher, Mrs Peterson. Mrs. Peterson;s husband owns the local grocery store called, "Petersons" which Jane thinks is super neat, and she always wants to go drop by, just in case her teacher might happen to be there :).

We have been cooking up some fun, yummy foods recently. I think the Fall gets me in the mood for cooking, even though it's still been in the 80s here. Last Sunday morning, conference morning, we made pancakes and eggs benedict with a Hollandaise sauce(and Scott bought sausage and hashbrowns to have on the side). I've decided I love the eggs benedict, especially when it's served over a whole wheat english muffin and topped with avocado, tomato and hollandaise. 

I love my sister! I mentioned in the previous post that my mom and Becca and her family were able to come out over conference weekend. Becca recently moved from Washington to Idaho, only a five hour drive from here! So we will be seeing each other more often which I"m excited about. One afternoon Becca made us these veggie fritters, I think they are called Pancora, but don't quote me on that. It's basically a garbanzo bean flour mixed with water for a paste, and then a bunch of chopped up veggies all mixed together and fried in coconut oil. Not super healthy with the frying, but boy are they scrumptious right off that pan! We dipped them in a little sauce which was the perfect blend of flavors.
I am SO excited about this next food item because I discovered a whole foods way of making caramel apples! All you do is bring heavy cream, honey and a pinch of salt to a boil and get it to the soft ball stage of candy making, then add a little vanilla and then dip your apples. That's it! No sugar, no corn syrup, no caramel colors, just pure goodness! And they were amazingly yummy! So I want to try and put this caramel recipe in with my favorite carmelitos treat that we like to make for special occasions. 
Here is Nora, trying to walk on her heels as she just had her toe nails and finger nails painted and she was worried about messing them up. Within an hour she had scraped all the nail polish off her finger nails, so I think we'll just still with toes next time. 

This is the season of recitals and Annabelle and Charles had a Fall recital last week where they each performed a couple of duets and did great! 
I am so proud of our kiddos for their hard work and dedication (even if they sometimes do it grudgingly). It definitely pays off! 

Here's Annabelle playing Sea Breezes.
Charles got to do his duet with his good friend Andrew (my good friend Elisa's, son). When Andrew spent the night the week prior because his mom was out of state for a funeral, the boys got to practice and had fun changing the song a bit. The Saturday after their recital (which was Monday night), Charles participated in Federation, which is where he plays his songs in front of a panel of judges. We are still waiting for the grading and results. That same night Elisabeth had her piano recital, which I will post pictures on in the next post.

In one of the general conference talks, Elder Durrant, a member of the 70 challenged us to "ponderize" a scripture each week, which basically means ponder and try and memorize. We decided to do this as a family and we pick a scripture Sunday night (we take turns picking the scriptures each week, going from oldest to youngest) that we review each night of the week before we do our scripture study time, and many times we'll practice reciting it over breakfast too, since it's on the fridge. This was last week's scripture, John 3:16, and this week we're doing Joshua 1:9.
I took a picture of this wiring book just before I returned it to the library. Scott checked it out a couple of months ago and has been renewing it since. He has learned to wire lights in the ceiling, do smoke alarms and outlets all from this book. He amazes me! We're still not completely done with our rooms downstairs but we're getting really close and we do have all working and functioning lights, outlets and smoke detectors :). 

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