Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elisabeth sings in General Conferece

What a neat experience it was for Elisabeth to be able to sing in the Saturday afternoon session General Conference! She learned about some of the background things they do in preparation and during conference which was fun. Several days before conference, Charles and Jane weren't feeling well with tummy aches, but that was about the extent of their illness. Then Friday morning, both Annabelle and Nora were throwing up (Annabelle, who was sleeping in her bed, started throwing up and decided she needed to come up the stairs to use the bathroom, rather than use the one closest to them downstairs, so Scott and I were cleaning up puke all down the hallways and stairs at 1230am. She also threw up on the floor in the van on the way home from getting my mom at the airport. Nora threw up on the couch which is leather and wipeable, thank goodness, and on the carpet near the couch...I was cleaning a lot of puke that day) and when Elisabeth got home from school Friday afternoon, she went promptly to sleep and then around 630 that night she threw up and went to bed. Her ride was coming at 920am the following morning to bring her to conference because they had to be there at 1015am, and we were all praying for her all night and Scott and our good friend and Bishop, Brian, gave her a blessing that morning and she felt better and was able to go and stay and not have any problems. We did give her a list of bland foods and advised her to choose foods from that list when she ate lunch at the conference center. 

Charles, Scott, my mom, Becca, Blake, Bella and I were all able to go and sit together which was so special. Besides Scott and I, none of the others had been in the conference center before. 

Conference was amazing! I loved watching the apostles after conference was done, as they hugged and warmly embraced so many. It reminded me of Elder Oaks and Schmutz that visited our stake a couple of weeks before, as they did the same, and it reminded me of the general primary presidency who visited Elisabeth's choir practice the week before and hugged everyone who came up and wanted to meet them (which was a lot). The verse from the scripture, "his arms were stretched out still" came to mind. 

As we were walking out of the conference center, on our way to the doors where we needed to pick up Elisabeth, Elder Cook, an apostle came strolling by and he stopped and shook hands with us and tousled Charles hair, which he thought was pretty neat. Because of the size of our church (over 15 million), it's more rare to meet apostles and general authorities, even while living in Utah, so our experiences over the past couple of weeks have been journal worthy for sure :). 

We weren't supposed to take pictures inside of the conference center, but here are a couple a friend of mine took, who saw her on television in her home. (thanks Lindsay!)
Abby, Elisabeth and Maddie (BFFs)
Kim took these last two pictures of the girls when she dropped them off in the morning. Maddie, Hayden, Elisabeth, Abby and Caitlin (they all go to school together).

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