Wednesday, October 21, 2015

BYU football game, Hiking the Y, Elisabeth bought a bike

Our good friends Brian and Maren, invited us to go to the BYU football game Friday night with them along with the Robbie and Marisa Clayton. 
It was fun being back at the BYU football stadium and to get to visit with Maren and Marisa.

 I got a kick out of watching the guys :). They get really into the games :).

 The tickets also came with the hospitality tent which meant we had buffet dinner before, and it was open during the rest of the game for snacks and desserts which was fun, and our seats had water bottles and snickers bars underneath :). Scott and I brought the snickers home for the kids to have another day (we didn't get home until 1030pm so all the kids were asleep; and the house was all clean...Elisabeth is such a good babysitter!)
 Saturday morning we went on our long promised trip back to BYU to hike the "Y".
 The weather was beautiful, absolutely perfect for a hike. Not hot, probably 60's which is so nice when you're working up a sweat hiking a steep incline.
 The hike is 2 miles round trip. All the kids did great and loved it, minus Nora who had some tantrums. She was good during some parts, like at the beginning and when she was held :).
 Nora only rode in the backpack for a short time and then she decided she didn't like it, but she still wanted to be held :).

 There are lots and lots of switchbacks (12 I think?) and we couldn't see the Y until the last couple. Can you see it in this picture behind the kids?
 Almost there!
 The Y is made of rock and painted white. The 4 oldest kids crawled up higher, which made me a little nervous, but I followed them up and kept reminding them to stay low...did not want a big gush of wind to come in and knock them off balance and go tumbling down that very steep, stony 'Y'.

 It's a gorgeous view of the city from up there.
 Nora walked/jogged for part of the way down, but was soon tired again :).
 Here she is, resting, at one of the switchback stops.
 As we carried her up and down the mountain, we may have wondered out loud, "Who invited the three year old?" :). We love Nora and she really did quite good exercising her tiny little legs and body that day.
 We made it back to the bottom and took a picture at the BYU gate.
 We started the hike around 945 and made it back down to the bottom around 1130am...and then we went straight to the creamery on 9th for some ice cream...before lunch! The kids kept saying, "What? ice cream before lunch? This is so weird!" But they were happy. It's cheaper at the creamery than most ice cream places. All seven of us had our own ice cream and the total came to about $14 which is not bad.
 After the creamery, we went onto campus to the BYU bookstore and the kids each found a favorite item that we took a picture of so that we could more easily shop for them come Christmas :).

 There was free face painting going on in the middle of the Wilkinson Center (near the bookstore) so the kids each got a 'Y' painted onto their faces.

 Afterwards we dropped by the broadcasting building to see where Studio C was filmed, but the doors were locked so we just peeked inside through the windows/door and then dropped by the smith fieldhouse to see the indoor track and then went on to get some lunch at Bajio and headed back home.

Once home, I took the three oldest girls to Walmart. They had been saving their money and Elisabeth, who babysits and gets more money then the younger ones, had been saving for a new, bigger bike, and she finally had enough after also putting money aside each week into long term savings and paying tithing. She loves her new bike, and she gave her old bike to Annabelle which she loves as well. Jane picked out a new dress at Walmart, and Annabelle new boots.

 Later that evening Scott and I went to the Run Gr8 store and did the test where they have a computer that looks at how you stand, where you put pressure on your feet, and same with how you run, then they determine what kind of running/athletic shoes are best for your feet. I was in need of a new pair and had a hard time deciding between the saucony, brooks and altra shoes, all were very light weight and with a very low or no heel, but in the end I decided on the altra zero drop shoes because I have a wide foot and they were so roomy and comfortable. I've never had shoes with zero lift in the heel, which makes them feel different, more like being barefoot with how level it is, though with a cushion which is nice, so I'm excited to try and them out and see how I like them during a run and while doing zumba and weightlifting etc. I'm sure they'll be better than my sketchers :).

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