Monday, September 28, 2015

September swimsuit, daily dad playtime, singing in another funeral, 1/2 marathon prep

 It is nearly October, and Nora continues to wear swimsuits several days a week. But names of months mean nothing to her; if it's warmish, she will wear her swimsuit (or leotard, or ballet outfit). I can get her to add some pants and sometimes a top over the swimsuit, if we're going out in public.

Scott has recently made it a goal, to play with the children every day for at least 15 minutes. It was easier in the summer when the kids schedules were very open and free, and so we didn't have to plan or schedule it, it just happened. But now that they're back in school and they have homework and piano and activity days and scouts, play time with dad wasn't happening very often and so he's scheduling it it. If dinner is not ready when Scott gets home, he'll take them out as I finish, but if it is all ready, then once we've cleared the table, he'll take them outside for a bit. They LOVE it! And I love that they get a little bit of fun play time with dad every dad for a few minutes to lighten things up...I think it's good for me to be reminded that it's not just all work during the week, it's still mostly work, but a little fun with family every day is a very good thing. Here Scott and Charles were running to make a long catch with the football, and they wanted me to get it on slo-mo video, which I did. You can watch it just below.
Charles catching:

Scott catching:

Elisabeth joined Scott and Charles after a bit, and the three little girls brought some dressups outside with us, and played house. 

This past week, a friend in our ward who sang in the Stake Choir with me when Elder Oaks came, asked if I'd sing a song with her for a funeral she'd been asked to sing at. I agreed and then later realized that this month was the first time I'd ever sung at a funeral and I sang at two, including my dad's. The funeral was this past Thursday morning and we sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. It went well, though it was a lot higher than I'm used to singing, as I normally sing alto and both our parts were definitely soprano. I also have been suffering with allergies for the past month so I used lots of DoTerra essential oils like eucalyptus and Breathe that morning to try and help my nose stay clear; and a friend who watched Nora during the funeral, gave me some menthol on a tissue that we put in a baggie which I breathed in several times during the funeral and just before I went up which would clear my sinuses for a few minutes. I'm so grateful to Samantha and Anna for watching Jane and Nora so I could attend the funeral and sing. 

 When we were in Seattle just recently for my dad's funeral, Elisabeth and Scott missed Elisabeth's Activity Days Daddy-Daughter activity, so Scott promised they could do one on their own once we got back. This past Friday Scott and Elisabeth went on a daddy-daughter bike ride on the Jordan River Trail and then finished off the evening with smoothies from Jamba Juice.
I don't know if I mentioned this before, but just before I went to Seattle, I had been preparing (the two weeks previous since it was a last minute decision) to do a half marathon which I would have done over Labor Day weekend had I not been in Seattle. I had been running before I decided to do the half, but usually only 3 miles at a time or less, since Scott and I had just did the sprint triathlon. So the first week of training I ran 8 miles, the next week I ran 6 and then the week I made my unexpected trip to Seattle, I was supposed to do 10 and run the 1/2 marathon the next Monday, but I never did the ten when I was in Seattle, just no time for that, and I wasn't back for the half marathon, but I was glad I got some of those longer runs in; it was the first time I'd ever run 8 miles so that was a new accomplishment for me. I still would like to run a half sometime, and I'm sure I will. But anyway, just wanted to have that down in my records since when I was younger, I thought it was impossible for my body to run more than a mile or two without me collapsing, and I also thought that I could never run a mile faster than about 10 minutes. Just proves how little we know and how amazing and capable our bodies are, if we will train them and if we will train our minds to believe in ourselves and in the strength the Lord has to offer to fill in any gaps and to lead us and help us along.

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