Monday, September 21, 2015

Room Updates, Walking to School, Date with Annabelle

Because of our unexpected 10 day trip to Seattle, all of our home improvement projects were put on hold and so we're working extra hard right now to catch up; we have family visiting for General Conference in a couple of weeks and we're hoping to be mostly done by then so we have more space. I know the Lord's been blessing us in our efforts because I know I normally wouldn't have the time  to paint an entire bedroom on my own during the day when I still have Nora and Jane with me for most of the day, but I did it, and I did it pretty fast. I even took 3 old, really old paints I had in the garage, mixed them together (a greyish color, a cream and a tan...the cream and tan were probably 10 years old from the previous owners), said a prayer and hoped it would turn out and it did; it was a beautiful gray-beige color and looks like all the paint we have just put up in our living areas! You might ask why I didn't just go buy another gallon. Well various reasons: 1) we've had lots of extra expenses as of late with the appendectomy last month, and the trip to Seattle for Dad's funeral, and the van losing an important piece that we had to replace, and so we've been trying to be a little more frugal 2.)I have all these half gallons and pints of paint in the garage and I hate to get more when we still have so much. 

This room used to be bright yellow.

Charles hasn't had a real, finished bedroom for a couple of years, because in CO he slept in our unfinished basement, so he was thrilled to see his room all done. 
We loved this beautiful double rainbow! I think God made rainbows to put a smile on our faces :), how pretty.
Cute Annabelle was so excited to come home and show us all her 100% markings on her homework and tests. She's one smart cookie (just like her siblings).
I love that the kids can walk or ride their bikes to and from school each day. The .75 mile distance each way seems like nothing when you're walking together with family and friends. Elisabeth is a head shorter than most of the kids in her class. She's short but mighty, that one :).

September is Annabelle's month to go on a date with mom and dad. She choose to get frozen yogurt at Menchie's, and then back home to get her nails painted and watch a Descendants (a Disney movie). I've been loving our monthly one-on-one date nights with the kids. They're fun and cute personalities come out more when they've got mom and dad alone (and I think mom and dad's fun personalities come out a little more too on these dates).
And this last picture shows an update of the girls bedroom. The ceiling and wall is all done(wall was ripped open by a plumber to find a leak...ripped open in a huge way), we're just waiting on a small piece of baseboard to arrive so we can finish that part of the wall off and then we need to paint and put up the crown molding and it'll be finished! As you can see, it's done enough that the girls have already moved in.

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