Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Elisabeth at General Conference Rehearsal, Hallway update

 Our stake, and some of the surrounding stakes, were blessed with the opportunity to have some of their primary children sing in the choir at this Octobers General Conference. The wards were only allowed to select 6 children, ages 8-11, and total there were probably around 200 kiddos chosen from the stakes combined. Elisabeth was fortunate to have been one of the children chosen to sing and we are so thankful for this opportunity and special experience! My mom, my sister Becca and her husband Blake and daughter Bella will be joining Scott, Charles and I when we go to the Saturday afternoon session to watch her sing and to listen to conference. My mom and sister were able to get tickets for all of us to attend from their stakes in WA and ID which was so nice, because I couldn't get more than the 1 ticket they allotted to each family that had a child singing. My dad had an airline flight to come out and go see Elisabeth as well, and though he has passed, I know he will be there in attendance because he loved general conference and always watched all the sessions from his TV at home once they got the channel that showed it, and he loved Elisabeth and loved to listen and watch her perform.
These are four girls from our ward that were selected: Hayden, Abby, Elisabeth and Maddie.

 And these next three pictures I took during their 2 and 1/2 hour rehearsal the Saturday before.
 I did not realize how much time went into these general conference performances, especially when it was primary or youth singing from various stakes. They practiced every Sunday for 2 hours, at a church building near our home, for about 6 weeks leading up to the performance, plus the Saturday rehearsal which was in SLC at the conference center. They sang, they checked off clothing (modesty, right colors, no embellishments etc), they talked about behavior and gave lots of examples of what 'to-do' and what 'not to-do", like no swaying, no talking in between, arms at sides, looking only at director etc. The director was hilarious. I liked to watch her exaggerate what she saw the kids doing when explaining what 'not to-do'. She has been in a couple of LDS movies and musicals and you could tell she knew what she was doing.
Elisabeth is on the front row, in an orange long sleeve shirt, in the middle near the director.

Here's a little sneak peak:

Sunday, at their last practice at a near by church building, they had some special visitors attend. The general Primary Presidency. Elisabeth got to talk with and hug all three women, Sister Rosemary Wixom, Sister Esplin and Sister Durham. You could feel their love as they walked into the room, when they spoke to the children at the beginning of the session, during as they smiled at everyone and after as they took the time to meet all the kids that wanted to meet them. We have been blessed with such unique opportunities lately with this and with having an apostle, Elder Oaks and Elder Evan Schmutz (fifth quorum of 70) at our stake conference last week, that I know we'll cherish forever.

And last, an update on the hallway. This is what the hallway looks like at this moment, except that there is another ceiling piece in over head on that framework above. Last week I thought it impossible that we'd finish before my family arrived Friday since we missed those two weeks while in Seattle, and it still might not be all the way done, but it'll be pretty close, and I think we'll still be able to use the room even if it's not completely done. We'll be working hard this week, as we did the two weeks previous as well.
 And here's the bedroom with a couple of the ceiling pieces up and we actually put in even more Saturday so there's not much more to put up but we still need to tape, then mud and sand, texture, prime and paint; and most of those steps need a day of dry time in between. I also need to buy bead board and paint this week and put the bead board in the bedroom once I finish taking off the last bit of chair railing and baseboard. It'll be great once it's all done!

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