Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10 days in Seattle

 I spent a total of 10 days in Seattle, 5 of which were without Scott and the kids, when dad was in the hospital and then hospice. I'm so grateful to Scott who was so loving and supportive and who managed the house and work very well while I was gone. And I'm so grateful to several good friends of mine who stepped up and took care of Nora and Jane(she has 1/2 day kindergarten) during the day, while the others were in school, so that Scott could go into work. He made dinner, took kids to piano lessons and baseball games, helped with homework, and that was after going into work while they were at school, and then working from home at night since he couldn't get a full day in while tending the kids.

Here are some more pictures of our time in Seattle. These first three I took just after dad passed. My mom will be selling the house and downsizing, and I wanted to remember how he kept his room. He didn't have much. That probably came from his upbringing, being raised on a ranch in the 1920's in Mexico, where his toys were rocks and sticks. In his room here he had his bed, dresser and a set of drawers that kept clothes and then on his dresser and headboard and the walls in his room were pictures of family and letters and pictures from grandchildren. He loved his family.

 We had a luncheon at Michael's (brother) and we had the kids practice the two songs they would sing at Dad's funeral: I am a child of God and The Miracle.
 One night the siblings went to a soccer game because Michael has a suite and he had a lot of tickets. Dad loved soccer and played when he was younger, and most of us played as kids. It was nice to be together. The majority of my time in Seattle was spent with mom and siblings, and other family, mostly visiting and sharing memories, sometimes going to a park or on a walk. I loved my morning jogs with Luis.

 Nora and Cora are inseparable. They follow each other around everywhere and just love being together.
 One night we had a cousin sleepover. The boys wanted to play board games and the girls wanted to do makeup, so the girls agreed to play the games with the boys if they allowed them to put makeup on them when the game was done :). Shaun was the only one who would let me take a picture of him with his makeup.
 We had three grandkid birthdays while we were out there. Andre turned 22, Bella 9 and Cora 3. So we made all their favorite desserts and one night did a little celebration.

 This is a park we walked to on a nice afternoon, so the children could get out and run around and the adults could visit.
 Nora didn't take any 'real', or scheduled naps, but most days she'd conk out on the couch for about an hour when cousins weren't over (they still had school during the day so most days they didn't come over until after 3). All the kids stayed up later and just would 'go, go, go' during the day so they were pretty exhausted.
And here's Nora and Luis...Nora likes to stuck her thumb while holding her 'love' which is usually a handkerchief, but if she doesn't have one handy, she'll use her own shirt. Luis was teasing her by copying :). 

 Here are a couple more pictures from the birthday celebrations. Gotta have a pinata; it's birthday tradition.

 These last few pictures Scott texted me when I was away. Jane started her first day of kindergarten, which I was sad to miss, but grateful Scott was there and still kept me in the loop with pictures etc.

 After her first day, they had a special lunch at Arctic Circle :).
 And he sent me this picture of Little Caesars Pizza for dinner with the caption, "father of the year award". He really does deserve the father of the year award.

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Nisa said...

Love seeing everyone together, despite the circumstances. Some of my very favorite people!