Monday, August 17, 2015

Sprint Triathlon

 Scott and I participated in our first ever sprint triathlon a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun! We loved training together in the early mornings and being with a large group of people for the race (around 250-300) was energizing. It was actually more of a mini sprint with a 1/4 mile swim (300 meters), a 6 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.

As we trained, we timed ourselves on the different events, and we looked at the stat sheet from last year so we knew who we'd try to stay close to in time (or beat :)) to help us figure out our goal time. We decided we'd shoot for 45 minutes total. Scott and I started the race together in the pool and stayed together for the swim, Once we got on our bikes, and I was in front, we got separated. I didn't want to turn my head around and look back, afraid that I'd biff it like before and re-injure myself so I just did my best. When I dropped my bike to start the run, Scott was nowhere in sight, so I took off running. I later learned that he was having some difficulties with his bike shifts; his bike is used and though it's fast, being a road bike, the gears were always weird and the brakes are horrible. My good friend Elisa, who is a fast runner, did the race with us as well, but she started the swim about 10 minutes before us in another group so I didn't see her much.
 The run was the hardest part. It's the last event and after riding so hard on the bikes for miles, when I got off my legs felt like lead. But because we'd been training, I knew what it felt like to keep a pace for an 8 and 9 minute mile, so even though my legs felt so heavy and it was hard, I pushed myself, and prayed, a lot, like I usually do when I'm pushing myself, and I was given an added measure of strength and hope as I finished my race. I ended up finishing at 43 minutes and 20 seconds, which meant I ranked 26th in the race and 5th in my category (women ages 31-40)! My swim time was 7:45, Bike 15:28 and the run was 17:47. Scott came in very close to our 45 minute goal at 46:26 which was ranked 53rd. His swim time was 7:27, bike was 16:57, and the run was 19:44. Now we have times to beat for next year!

 The race was supposed to start at 7am but we didn't start til 730-745ish because of the different swim start times (we swam in an outdoor city pool), and they had a bit of a late start anyhow. When we finished the race, I biked home(only a mile or so), got the kids in the van, and drove back so the kids could be with us during the awards and have some refreshments which they enjoyed.

Later that day, Scott and I were tired, our legs felt a bit achy, so we relaxed at home and in the late afternoon we took the kids to Walmart so they could each pick out a new outfit for school which starts up again in a week! We didn't want Nora to feel left out since she is the only one not in school, so we got her an outfit too. She chose this cute exercise outfit that she wears all the time...which is fine with me because it's better than what she used to wear all the time which was her rapunzel swim suit.

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