Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rope Course, Chef Brad, Appendicitis, Red Cross Babysitting Online Course

This past Wednesday, Scott and I took Charles on a date...he chose an indoor ropes course. The course was short but we had 50 minutes, so we did the course over and over again and got pretty good by the end. Charles and I raced up a rope stairway about 6 times. He won 5 of the 6 races, and I really only won because his foot slipped through a space and he went down, getting a rope burn on his leg. But still, I won one! Scott raced once, but his stomach had been hurting all day so he took it easy. After the course we went out through 'the rainforest' which was a jungle gym. 

 My upholstered headboard arrived earlier in the week and we put it together. I had been wanting one for awhile since I like to read my scriptures in bed in the morning and I like to read other material at night, also in bed, so I wanted a comfortable back. My friend and old neighbor Desi told me about this one on that ships free and had an amazing price! I love it!
 Thursday evening are busy for us because Annabelle and Charles have piano, Scott and Charles have cub scouts and Charles has baseball games right now. Add in that BYU education week was this week and Maren, Amanda and I planned to go together one evening for a half day and Thursday was the only day that could possibly work for the three of us. It's a good thing Elisabeth is old enough to babysit because I needed the support of her and Scott to go. But as we drove down to BYU, and Amanda drove us down there (about 45 minutes), Scott called saying his stomach was feeling even more painful and that he thought it was his appendix. How he received that impression was completely divine inspiration; he had come home early and when he got home, he went into our room and prayed for help so that we figure out what this so we could help him get better. He said that as soon as he finished the prayer the thought came to him that it was his appendix. I suggested that he call a nurse and do a little research online which he did, and then he drove himself to instacare at the hospital. In the meantime I called the piano teacher and canceled the kids lesson, got into my first of what was supposed to be 4 classes, and texted back and forth to Scott and the kids and my neighbor Kim, making sure we had our bases covered in case Scott needed to stay at the hospital awhile longer.

We ended up going to 3 out of the 4 classes and leaving early, because during classes Scott found it was appendicitis and that they wanted to do surgery that night. One note-worthy class that I loved was Chef Brad's class on grains and healthy eating. We were going to see him the 4th hour when he does actual food demonstrations, but we'll have to save that for another year (apparently he goes every year to BYU ed week). He's pretty much a celebrity in our house, as we have seen most, if not all of his cooking shows. Amanda and Maren were so sweet to offer to come back with me early (I was going to call my aunt or cousin who lived near by to bring me home); we had been looking forward to this night out for awhile so I appreciated their kindness and positive and cheerful attitudes. I love our friends.
 They dropped me off at the hospital and when I got in there, the nurse told me that Scott just went into surgery and that I couldn't go in, but that it'd be about an hour and I could just wait in his room. I went in, found his keys to the truck and drove home (only 5 minutes) to check on the kids and grab a book and a cell phone charger. It was 930 and the 2 littlest were asleep and the three oldest were in bed, but not quite asleep and they all came out to see me when I got there and had lots of questions, and I got a full report; they did everything that I asked them too including dinner (sandwiches and granola...I don't let her use the oven yet), reading scriptures together, getting the girls all ready and in bed by 8pm and getting themselves in bed around 9. I was so grateful to the Lord for watching out for them and us and that things were going well considering the situation. I went back to the hospital and waited about 20  minutes before Scott came back in. He was awake but a little groggy because they had put him out for the surgery. They said that once he was feeling better and could eat a little and get up to use the bathroom, that we were free to go. He waited about an hour before he decided to eat something and then ate slowly at first, taking little naps in between eating his crackers and then his sandwich, but by 1am we were out the door and headed home. This guy is amazing and did great and is feeling so much better but is still sore.
 That same day Elisabeth finished her online Red Cross babysitting basics course and we printed out her certificate.
 This girl is so motivated to do things and diligent when she learns...she's amazing. Good job Lis!
 We've been working on our basement bedrooms since we've moved here, replacing sheet rock for paneled ceilings, and putting a hallway in one of the bedrooms because you have to walk through it to get to the back bedroom and we want them finished by the time my family comes to visit for General Conference the first weekend in October. We've made timelines for ourselves to help us stay on track, and Scott was worried that we wouldn't make it with his surgery. But, I told him not to worry, he'd taught me how to tape and mud the day before and I got some good practice in and was ready to keep going on my own. I got to work the following day and he came down after awhile to check my progress...and then he jumped right in :). Stinker. I told him to listen to his body and stop if he got to tired or sore, but he stayed with me for a lot of it and helped out. It tired him out and he rested after ward but he really is doing much better. He took Friday off of work and then worked from home Monday, but went back Tuesday.
 And I've jumped ahead of myself, because these pictures are from Friday night and Saturday. We had planned on sleeping in the tent Friday night before school started but with Scott's injury we decided to sleep inside but we let the kids sleep out in the tent.
 Saturday our friends the Scott's, invited us to 7 Peaks which is a water slide park in Provo. I took the kids for a couple of hours later in the day, after I worked on the ceiling for a bit. They all had a good time running around with friends in the water. And that was the rest of our week and the last week of Summer Break!

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