Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reward: Friends Movie Night

 The kids have been so good all summer about doing their chores and piano each day before they play and they each earned a Friends PJ and Popcorn Movie Night (minus Nora, because she's too young to care). They did them on separate nights, and helped with the food preparation. We did two one week and two another week and made cookies twice, saving half for the next person's movie night. Besides cookies we had popcorn and Elisabeth made fruit smoothies for her friends as well.

 We started at 7pm and they each invited around 5 kids or less. Elisabeth's group watched "Wizards of Waverly Place Movie" (I think that's what it's called)
 Annabelle's group watched Aladdin.
 And they were hilarious and got up at every single song and danced :).
 We did Jane's during the day since she and her friends are pretty young. They watched Tinkerbell and the Never Beast. Brittany, a family friend and someone who Jane loves, happened to drop by during her party to say hi to her and so we invited her in for some cookies.
 Before and after the movie on Charles' movie night, the boys played a little bit of kickball as well.
 His group watched "penguins of madagascar".
Between the four parties we made about 12 batches of air popped popcorn and went through quite a few cookies :). The kids loved it and were thrilled they each got to have their own special night with friends. And I so appreciate their help and hard work around the house and will miss them when they start up in school again in a few weeks.

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