Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Provo and date night with Elisabeth

 Last Monday we went down to Provo to have family home evening with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We had dinner and then went swimming.

 Since we were only a few miles from BYU and we've been wanting to get down to campus since we've been back to UT, we decided this would be the perfect time. I showed the kids where Scott and I met, where our first date was, where we lived during our early years as a family, the classroom I was in when Elisabeth first rolled over..I love that about BYU, how they support families while still being competitive with academics.

 We didn't get over to BYU until around 8pm which meant it was a late night for us and we didn't get to do and see everything, but we plan to go back and hike the Y and visit a couple of other places in the area.
 Changing topics, Scott and I have made out a calendar that has one date a month on it with a child so they can get time alone with mom and dad (got this idea from my old BYU roomie Natalie, who lives in ID). We got a babysitter for the others since Elisabeth is our babysitter, and she decided to go out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Good choice! We had a lovely evening together and nice dinner conversation.

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