Monday, August 3, 2015


Summer has been flying by in a blur. I wish we could make time stand still a while longer. We are already into August now and I'm still reporting on mid July activities.

Our next door neighbors were renting their house and just bought a house a couple miles down the road and packed up and moved out a couple of weeks ago. We're sad they won't be next door anymore. Our children loved playing together and all got along really well. We were especially lucky to have little 6 year old Saige, who is a joy and a light. She has a seizure disorder and is at about the level of a maybe 2 year old, but she is so full of love and happiness. I'm going to miss her running over to our house (literally ran, hoping her mom or siblings couldn't catch her in time) and opening the door, coming in and saying with the brightest most cheeriest tone, "Hi!" And then she'd usually go out in the backyard or lay on one of our kids beds until their family found her :), which never took too long. We are happy they are staying in the area and have gotten together multiple times since their move so I think we'll still be seeing a good amount of each other.
Scott found an on hammock with his camping gear and strung it up in our backyard.

Nora wears a swim suit or gymnastics outfit just about every single day of the week. She even put her swimsuit on under her church dress Sunday, but we figured it out in time and had her pull it off before we left for church (her swimsuit has a tutu thing around the waist so it wasn't hard to see it under her dress). One morning, when it was a little chillier outside, she put her winter coat over her swimsuit :). Nora also has a tendency to take her shoes off and leave them places. We started out the summer with three pairs of sandals that fit her, and we are now down to zero. The ones pictured below she lost a couple of weeks ago. So she mostly goes barefoot.
Jane slipped on some water on our tile floor in our kitchen and hit her head. I think she got a mild concussion and that day all she wanted to do was sit by the toilet because she felt dizzy and wanted to throw up, though she didn't. And she seems to be all better now.

One of the family's favorite things to do lately are to take slo-mo action videos. I love this one of them on the swings, jumping off. Elisabeth, getting ready to jump last, sees a sibling on the ground who is a little too close for comfort, and decides backs out.

Last month, Scott took the ceiling panels out of the girls bedroom downstairs and moved them over to the laundry room to use for that ceiling and last week he took down the ceiling panels in Charles room (we're going to do dry wall in both rooms), and when he did that he found three dead mice that looked like they'd been poisoned some time ago, and a rope swing. He discarded the mice and hung the rope swing outside on our huge sycamore tree. The kids have been loving it.

 I love that the neighbor kids come play at our house most days of the week. We don't usually play with neighbors until later in the afternoon, once chores are done and we've had lunch and read etc (and many times we'll go on an outing to the park or library etc), but once they are ready to play, their neighbor friends will usually come over and we'll have a group or two out front on the tree, and a group or two out back on the swing set or in the 'kid area' of the shed. Everyone goes home for snack, since many times we'll have about 12 extra here, unless I've made something special to share like muffins or cookies etc or cut up a watermelon.
 Cathy and Dee Warner in our ward have an open pool plunge each Monday which is super nice of them and we always try and go. This past week when Dee found out Elisabeth could play the organ, he asked if she'd like to come over a little before the pool plunge and play on their pump organ. You really don't have to play the organ to be able to play the pump organ, you just need to know how to play the piano and then be able to put your feet on the pedals continuously. So once Elisabeth had a turn, both Annabelle and Charles also gave it a try and liked it. The pump organ is an antique, made in the late 1800's. We are grateful for our ward family here in Utah and the close relationships we have with many of them. At the same time, I do of course miss my family and in fact, just today after we got home from church, I told Scott I needed a hug because I was especially missing my sister and mom and just wanted to be close. He happily agreed and held me for a while. I think seeing my old roommate Natalie this weekend(more on that trip in the next post) brought on those feelings since we lived together for a couple of years and were like sisters. I am grateful for family relationships and dear friends.

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