Monday, August 24, 2015

Dry Wall Ceiling, Peaches, and Baseball

 Oh, house projects. They feel like they are never ending. And they probably never are. I think there will always be something we will be working on, wanting to improve. That's how we should be with ourselves as well, continuously growing and improving. It makes sense. But boy, it's a lot of work! Right now we are finishing the ceiling in Elisabeth and Annabelle's room.
Saturday, a week ago, Scott, Brian and Joe (neighbors) put the sheet rock up one night. It was so nice to have their help because it went so fast!

Nora likes to get sheet music out and 'play' the piano. Sometimes she'll set the timer and turn on the metronome as well :). I love seeing her tiny little feet and legs dangling down on the front of the bench. 

 Monday for our family home evening activity we went out and picked peaches off our peach tree. There are SO many, we barely left a dent!
 And we made peach smoothies for dessert! Yum!
 7 year old Annabelle taught our FHE lesson. She used a story from the Friend Magazine about prayer and dealing with challenges. I loved the questionnaire she put together and handed out to everyone to check our understanding :).
Later Monday night, once most of the kids were in bed, Scott and I (and Charles) took down two of the pieces of sheet rock because Scott realized he didn't connect one of the lights to the switch on the wall, so he fixed that wiring and we put it back up again.
 Jane discovered the MP3 player this week and has been spending some of her free time listening, singing and dancing :).
 Tuesday Elisabeth has piano lesson. While we waited for her to get out this week, Annabelle was concerned with starting at a new school next week, that the other 2nd graders would know how to tell time on a clock with a face on it really well, and she wouldn't be as good. So we found a receipt in my purse and practiced figuring out time.
 Charles has baseball games for the next few weeks (short season), every Tuesday and Thursday evening. We have to divide and conquer some Tuesday nights when piano and baseball overlap, but we always try and make it to at least part of the game on Tuesday. Charles loves playing baseball, though I'm pretty sure he loves playing all sports. At this age, when they're in outfield, the only kids who touch the ball much are the catcher and pitcher, and most the boys get walked, so it's not super exciting to watch yet.

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