Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day to do of Summer

 Elisabeth, our 11 year old, has discovered Pinterest and fallen in love :). Her favorite boards are probably birthday party and hair themes. Sundays we have a little more time in the mornings to do our hair since church doesn't start until 1pm, so we've been experimenting with some of the Pinterest hair styles. Here are a couple we've tried recently and liked.
I keep a Menu board in our kitchen and update it weekly, usually Sunday night, with the family. I'll ask if there are any requests and will try to accept most unless it's something we've just had the previous week or if I don't have the ingredients on hand and don't think I'll get them in time. Friday or Saturday is always homemade pizza night. Here's our menu for the week: 
 I love all the extra time we have in summer to do various activities. For Elisabeth's activity days last week, they made omelets in a bag (for camping). One day she asked if we could make them for lunch. Why not? The kids had fun mixing up their bags and adding their toppings.
 It takes longer than most omelets, about 1/2 hour total when you consider the time it takes to bring the pot of water to a boil and the 13 minutes of cooking time, but we were able to cook all 6 omelets at once. I just used a clothespin on a marshmallow prong to keep all the bags together.
 This is what they looked like coming out of the bag, then we topped them with salsa or ketchup.
 One morning, as Charles and I pulled up to the house at 9am after a quick stop at Sprouts, he took one look at Nora who came out to greet us and said, "uh, not really surprised to see her in her swimsuit already." Agreed. She wears that thing every single day. And like her ruby red slippers? 

 Since Elisabeth and Charles are now at an age where they can be very helpful (specifically thinking of babysitting and mowing the lawn and weed whacking), we've decided to start them on a monthly allowance...we're also doing this because we want to teach them money skills, how to save, tithe, and value their things. So every month, at the end of the month they will get paid $20 if and only if they've kept up on all their normal daily and weekly chores (piano, unloading dishwasher, clean room, making bed, clean bathroom etc) plus, if Charles took care of the lawn mowing and weed whacking all four weeks and Elisabeth babysat for all our weekly dates plus whenever I had to run errands. Elisabeth babysits a ton so I don't think she'll ever not make her $20 and Charles could make less if he missed a week doing the lawn (basically $5 each time he mows/trims). They are required to give 10% to tithing and 40% to long term savings (which will go to car, mission, college etc), and the other 50% is theirs to keep, but we encourage them to always save a little so they can buy a friend a birthday gift if they're invited, or go to a movie etc. Right now the three oldest are trying to save for a kids laptop, so they are working toward that. Since the older kids are getting a regular income, we told the younger girls that if they get all their chores done, they can pick a 'money chore' from our list and earn a dollar for that chore. I have a chart up on my fridge where I keep track of who does money chores during that month and we'll pay them all at once of the last day of the month. The little girls really don't do much from the 'money chore' list, though I imagine if there's something they decide they really want, they'll do it.
 American Red Cross has a babysitting training online for kids ages 11+, that Elisabeth is working on right now. It's around 4-5 hours of work and you can pause and resume when you have time, with tests throughout. There was a $30 fee and once you've completed everything you can print out a certificate that says you've completed the course. I am so happy that Red Cross has this online training because the information is so helpful to new babysitters and lots of things they teach are things that parents already know and may not think to advise your child who has just become a babysitter, but that may not be common knowledge for them.
 This book is amazing! I am reading it right now and am loving it. It's uplifting and inspiring and so very useful in so many areas of life.
 Since we've been back to Utah, we've gotten together just about every single week with our friends the Ludwig Family who live in the same city but aren't in our ward or stake or neighborhood area. I met Elisa when we first moved here, at a library, during story time. We were both very pregnant, both just moved into the area, both loved to go for walks and exercise and both are named Elisa, so we hit it off from the start :). Our kids love playing together.

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