Monday, August 10, 2015

Chubbuck, ID, BYU roomie

 Jane has fallen asleep in the car multiple times looking like this. I don't know how she can get comfortable enough in this position to actually fall asleep.
About a week ago we drove out to Chubbuck Idaho to visit my old BYU roommate, Natalie and her family. Natalie and I met our husbands around the same time, dated and were engaged and married around the same time and so our husbands knew each other as well. Natalie and Paul have five kids like us and they're all pretty close in age and they all love each. Each one had a good friend over the weekend, and a sleeping buddy. Nora and Lexi, the three year old children, were fun to watch together. They slept on the family room floor in sleeping bags which they thought was pretty fun.

Charles and Ammon spent a lot of time playing Legos together in Ammon's room. They would literally disappear for hours. Charles slept on Ammon's top bunk and Ammon slept on Lexi's bottom bunk.
Friday night when we arrived we had dinner and played and visited. Saturday morning, after the adults exercised and we had breakfast, we packed up a picnic lunch and went swimming at the pool in Lava Hot Springs.

The kids each stuck with their buddy and had a blast, while the adults mostly stayed in the shallow end with the littles and visited.

Here are Ally and Annabelle and Elisabeth and Anna. Their family is also very musical and can sing and play the piano so they all had a lot in common and their friendship was easy. 

Saturday night the kids watched a movie while we played a couple of games and visited. Scott and I enjoyed playing a new game called Scotland Yard.
Here are Ally and Annabelle, fast asleep. We had a wonderful time with their family. It was so good to connect and get updates and see our children instantly love each other.

I was blessed to have been put with some of the best women ever, when I lived at BYU.  None of us knew each other going into it, most of us were from different states from the West and East Coast and in between, which seems even more amazing that we all went together so well. Their love and friendship, their goodness and strength helped me figure out who I wanted to be and to become that person. I love all my roommates. They hold a dear place in my heart and will forever be grateful for them... there were 6 of us, and actually a seventh that lived on the same floor as us my first year who I was very close with and who was a huge influence for good in my life, who got married the next year otherwise she would have lived with us the following year.

Here are a few oldies from our BYU days. Me and Natalie.

 Jenn, Jessie, Natalie and I in our dorms our Freshmen year.
 Our roommate Shayla was in the marching band, played the French Horn the first few years and then was the drum major.
 Sophomore year, just having a normal night of dancing in the living room.
 The six of us who lived together our Sophomore year. Five of us met at the Deseret Towers dorms our freshmen year, we all lived on the same floor, and we wanted to stay together. Jenn was with us as the sixth but then got married over that summer. April moved in with us and became our sixth and we loved her instantly.

We try and get together, with whoever is available every couple of years, usually with our families. I love that we've stayed connected. Love you ladies! And thanks Natalie and Paul for having us!

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