Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School and Bead in Nose

Here are the kids, having lunch at Costco with me, the day before school started back up again. We were having a celebration because of a good dentist check-up for everyone (a few months ago, whoops!) so they got some extras like smoothies and ice cream, which we normally wouldn't do. 

The big kids went back to school Tuesday and Jane starts kindergarten a week later, which will be this Wednesday. I'm really hoping and praying that she will feel comfortable and do well because she has a really hard time leaving us to go to her church class on Sundays...and actually she doesn't go without a family member being with her. We need heavenly help for that girl. 

I have mixed feelings about the kids being back at school. I love having them home with me,  and I love that we're not so busy in the summers. We don't really have to rush here or there or anywhere; the only thing we have to strictly follow on the the summer schedule are piano lessons. Also, since Elisabeth is old enough to babysit, even though they were home all summer, I didn't have to load up all the kids and take them with me on my errands, but rather, I'd usually take one so that we could have some one-on-one time during errands which I also really liked. Having big kids is great! 

On the other hand, It'll definitely be quieter, with only Nora around all day, which will be nice sometimes and probably lonelier sometimes, especially for Nora. The house should be able to stay cleaner longer which is a good thing. I should also be able to keep up a little better with my family and food blogs; my food blog has been especially hard to keep up over the summer because I don't feel like staging pictures and writing out recipes; I'd rather be talking with the kids and taking them on outings, which we did a lot of :). The kids have adjusted well to being back at school so that's helped with the transition. I really do love having them at home with me and am excited to get them back each late afternoon.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have been given to mother these children. 

This past week Charles cub scout group made rockets for part of their pack meeting and they each took turns blowing them into the sky.
Friday, as I was putting Jane and Nora into the van so we could go to the stock supply store to pick up crown molding and baseboards for the bedrooms downstairs (which are coming along nicely), as I lifted Nora into her car seat, I noticed something pinkish in her nose. I took a closer look, stepped back so I could look into her face and asked, "Nora, do you have a bead in your nose?" She looked down, sad and ashamed. "Did you put it there?" Same sad expression. "Oh dear. Well, let's go back inside and see what we can do." I called a couple of friends to see if they had any ideas on how to get it out, and I called Scott who suggested tweezers. I decided to give it a shot because I really didn't have time to wait in a doctors office nor did I want to spend the money if I didn't have to. After the first two attempts to pull it out failed(first attempt she said tickled, second attempt she said kinda hurt), I was starting to feel a little sweaty and anxious, and worried that I was pushing it up further. I said a quick prayer and told Nora I'd give it one more try and to hold still a minute while I just moved her nostril around to try and get a better look so I could see if I could get a better grip on it. Prayer is a power thing. We got that sucker out and we all cheered and then took off for the stock supply store. I do not know how she was even able to get that big bead up her tiny nostril.

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