Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Fun: exercise, piano, friends, organ

I've been running more since we've moved to Utah, partly because our family room was loaded with boxes so I can't do my normal Daily Burn videos in front of the TV. Charles came with me on a couple of my longer 4 mile runs. It was nice to have him along because it pushed me to go a little faster. Unfortunately, on our first run/ride, Charles' bike went over some of the prickly and sharp weeds that Utah is known for, and we had to walk his bike home the last mile. But we got it fixed and put the green 'flat attack' liquid inside his wheels, so hopefully if that happens again we'll be able to fix it on the spot so he can finish his ride home.

Have I mentioned before that I love listening to the children play the piano? Well, I do. They've all grown so much over the years and it's so fun to hear them play and to hear their progression.
Once the kids get all their normal and extra chores and piano done each day, they head outside to play with neighbors. It's gotten hot over the last week so they've spent more time playing with sprinklers and slip-n-slides.
The boys also spend a lot of time playing baseball.
Here are Nora and her friend Anna, inside one hot afternoon, visiting and watching Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.
Elisabeth took an organ lesson last week from our ward organist and she's been practicing during the weekdays...the ward organist was asked to find people to teach so when I approached her and asked if she'd teach Elisabeth, she was very pleased. Win win for all :). I just printed out a free 12 week online course called, 'The New LDS Organist"  that was made by someone at BYU. We're planning on going through those lessons over the next few weeks. We go over to the church in the late morning, once Elisabeth has finished her hour piano practice and the other kids have done their other chores, and then we stay at the church for 30 minutes while Elisabeth practices on the organ and Annabelle and Charles do their piano practice on other pianos in the building.
And Jane and Nora take turns singing in the microphone...though it's off and they have strict instructions not to touch the microphone, turn it on, or touch any other buttons, otherwise they lose their microphone privilege.
I was surprised at how complicated the organ is; if it was me learning, after I heard I have to play the bass part with my feet and the alto and tenor with my left hand (alto normally played with right), I would've thrown my hands up and said, "never mind. that's too complicated; we'll let someone else learn". But not Elisabeth. Not only is she a super hard worker (though I too consider myself a hard worker), but she has a gift with music and piano and sight reading. She can read and play so well that she picked it up pretty fast, even at her first lesson. Now, that's not to say she can just pick up the hymn book and start playing any song on the organ like she can with piano, but rather, the easier songs where there are not lots of jumping around with the foot pedals, are coming along nicely, and she's practicing the feet on the harder pieces, trying to learn to navigate those better and quicker.
And last is a picture of Nora with her good friend and next-door-neighbor Skylee. We're sad that their family is moving next month, even if they are staying in the same city, because living next door is just ideal when the kids want to run out the door and play for an hour and their kids are the same ages as our kids so they each have a good friend. We will sure miss the Hague family.

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