Monday, June 29, 2015

Reading, Recital, CO friends

The girls asked me to paint their fingernails with the flag on it for the Fourth of July which is coming up next week!

Jane starts kindergarten in August so we're working on putting letters together to make words. 

Annabelle and Charles had their first piano recital with their new piano teacher this past week. They both did very well. Charles played "Presto" from one of his Faber books, and Annabelle played a duet called, "Friends Forever" with her piano teacher. Charles, when he practiced his piece, usually had a couple of small mess-ups, but when he performed for his recital, he didn't have any mistakes! Great job!

Later that night our family friends from Colorado, came to visit. We had dinner at the our house and then went to the city park for their 150th year celebration where they opened a new park, and had a couple of musical performers including Alex Boye and the Osmonds and then fireworks.

We love the Halatakoa's. When we first moved into our Colorado ward, Rachel was the Primary president and I got called to be one of her counselors so we got to know each other pretty well.

Charles and Sifa bought some Star Wars light up swords from a vendor.
Nora loved Solome and so she tackled her a couple of times :).

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