Monday, June 8, 2015

Piano lessons begun, house projects cont, and dental visit

Keeping some normalcy to life while we have all of our house projects going, takes a concentrated effort on our part, and makes things even more busy for mom and dad. Luckily, the big kids are old enough to help out and do a lot of things themselves. Elisabeth asked if we could make cookies one late afternoon, which wasn't something on my list, but I agreed if she would help. She said that she actually wanted to do them all on her own. Even better! So Elisabeth made some M&M cookies, and she even made them using half whole wheat flour. Way to go!  
Elisabeth, Charles and Annabelle started piano lessons last week, so they had exactly one week off during our move :). Charles and Annabelle are taking lessons from a young woman, Stephanie Aston, who is in her senior year at the university, studying piano pedagogy. Her mom is known in the area for piano teaching, but was all booked up, but her daughter is wonderful, strict yet so kind and sweet, my kids loved her instantly.
Elisabeth was fortunate enough to do piano lessons with Bridget Johansen who is amazing and known throughout the state, and who only takes a certain type of student. She's already gotten Elisabeth to willingly agree to up her piano practice, for the summer, from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Elisabeth has already passed off all four levels of piano so she does a lot of classical pieces and this teacher is also having her perfect the Hymns which is wonderful. Elisabeth is an excellent sight reader and so she could already play through most, if not all, of them, but now she's taking them to another level.

This past week after we finished the texture and paint, then Scott put the baseboards back on, and the door frames. Everything is coming along really well. We're hoping to put in the ceiling in the next week or two, and once that's done we can move onto repairing the walls in Elisabeth and Annabelle's rooms and then painting that, and then moving onto Charles room where we'd like to add a hallway. We'll have a contractor put sheet rock in the ceilings as well, in those rooms.
I already showed an 'after' picture of our paint in our living areas in the last post, but here is a 'before'/'during'. Larry, the painter, had to patch up, sand and texture quite a few areas.
Since we've been back in Utah, two of the kids have had wellness checks with the pediatrician (Jane and Charles...Jane needed to quickly to get her immunizations into the school for kindergarten), the other three are scheduled throughout the summer when they have openings, and all five kids went to the dentist. This was Nora's first time, being that she's 3, and she loved it! She watched her siblings go ahead of her and by the time it was her turn to sit in the stool and get xrays taken, she kicked off her shoes (didn't have to, but she saw Jane do it), hopped right up into the chair and did exactly what the dental hygienist asked her to do :).

All five kids came away without any cavities! Now I have to pay them each $5...we told them we're not doing the tooth fairy anymore because we always forget and rarely have cash on hand when we need it, and instead, we'd give them $5 if they didn't have any cavities, and a little less if they did (I always, always, had cavities as a child even though I brushed and flossed just as much as my siblings, so I feel for the ones who get them too and so we still do something special for everyone).

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