Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Museum of Natural Curiosity, game night resumed, weeding

We took a day to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity with our friends and neighbors the Hague's. It was HUGE, and we loved it. We only had about 2 hours to spend there but you couldn't definitely spent half the day doing various activities.

Here are Elisabeth and I, experiencing high winds :).

My neighbor, Cheryl, does a craft night with a few other women once a month and I joined in on this month's craft because 1) it was at Cheryl's house and 2) I've been wanting a new lamp in our front living room. We each paid $12 and got a lamp shade and all the burlap we needed for this craft. It took hours, but it was nice to do it together and visit while we worked. Though I stayed up later than I had in years and years which I paid for the next morning :). If I go to another craft night, I'd probably just start the craft there and then take it home once it was my bed time and finish later. I like to keep a regular sleep schedule; I feel like I'm a better me when I do.
Here is the finished product. I used a lamp stand/base that I already had at home.
Before we moved away, we would get together about once a month, with two other families in our ward for a game night and we'd switch off hosting. We started that up again last weekend which was so fun.
The girls dressed up and made up dances and songs, and the boys ran around teasing the girls, and they played on the tramp and swing set.
With all of our inside home improvement projects going on, I was afraid we'd never get to our weeds growing in the yard, and in particular, the jungle that formed from our garden. We decided to set a goal for the family to spend one hour in the garden each Saturday morning. After just one hour, one Saturday morning, the garden looked much better; we could even see the raised garden beds! Here is the 'before' picture:
And the 'after'. Once we finish the garden, I hope we'll continue to spend at least an hour in the yard in the mornings on Saturdays to keep things in order. Having a yard and a garden is a great way to teach the kids how to work...they do that with piano and school as well, but it's different because those are more of a mental work rather than physical work; it's good to do both. 

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