Wednesday, June 3, 2015

House Work

We've been doing so many projects around the house that I've had little time for anything else; cooking has been a challenge. I made tortillas one day but that was the most dinner prep I'd done all week. Other days we had spaghetti or sandwiches or cereal.

This week, besides unpacking the upstairs, Scott and I mostly worked on the storage/laundry room. We finished taping, mudding and sanding, and then we did texture, then primer and paint. Tomorrow we'll put the baseboards on just before our new washer and dryer get here Tuesday. Then the only thing left will be the ceiling, lights and doors.
Scott and I like to leave little messages on our bathroom mirror for each other; like Elisabeth's note underneath? It says, "you guys are gross!" ;). We get that all the time with our kids!
We had a Fathers and Sons campout last weekend so we had a girls night with some neighbors.
Sadi lead the older girls in some gymnastics exercises :).
The younger girls colored and played on the swingset.
My new oven arrived this Friday, same night as our girls night. I LOVE it! I love that it has two ovens, I've already used them both a couple of times this weekend while making pizzas for dinner and when Elisabeth made cookies after church. It's so nice to be able to cook multiple batches at the same time.
After the girls night Elisabeth and Annabelle went to a neighbors with some of the older girls to play a little longer while I put Nora and Jane to bed since it was after 9pm. I went back to get the girls at 10pm and the girls were already walking a couple of the neighbor girls back home and when we met up Sadi heard something so we stopped and we found a baby bird that had dropped out of it's nest. She thought she heard more noises and after looking around for a minute we found 3 more baby birds, one of which was dead...I think one of us accidentally stepped on it. I ran home and grabbed a box and got Sheryl (Sadi's mom) and she brought Brad, her hubby who knows a lot about animals. We put the baby birds in a bowl, in a box and they brought them home.
It's been a couple of days now and two of the three are still alive. They're hoping to feed and care for them until they're able to fly and then let them go.
While we are working on the basement, which is where we have Elisabeth, Charles and Annabelle sleeping, we've temporarily moved the girls upstairs to the guest room. We'll have to move Charles up too once we start construction on his room. Annabelle and Elisabeth are sharing the queen bed for now.
We're finishing our laundry/storage room and once the floors, walls and texture were finished, we had the three oldest kids help with the prime and paint.

Scott took off Jane's training Saturday, & then Scott and I went back downstairs to paint walls. When we came back up stairs Jane asked us to come out and watch her and she was riding on two wheels! And really well! No running along while holding onto the back for me, this time! Great job Jane! 

We hired someone to help us paint our living/hall/entry, family room and then also the yellow part of the kitchen that our tenants painted. Choosing a color to go with the tan color on bottom in the kitchen took me some time and several samples, but I finally got something I liked. 
Here is the before of the family area (I did all the living/family/entry/hall areas the same color. We used Bemjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, which is also their number one best seller...I figured I couldn't go wrong with that. The kitchen we did with Gray Owl, which is a really light, soft gray, which looks almost blueish in the sunlight. I love them both!).
And after:

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