Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Elisabeth turns 11 at the end of this month (also the first year Harry Potter went to Hogwarts :)), and we'll be in Seattle with family for her birthday so she wanted to have a friend party before we left. I got Elisabeth her own Pinterest account and she's been pinning ideas over the past month or two for her Harry Potter birthday party. We had her party this past Saturday, but the week leading up to the party, she did a lot of the prep work herself, getting things ready. We went to the dollar store and bought white balloons for her Hedwig invitations which she did all on her own. While at the dollar store we also picked up dum dums for acid pops, twizzlers for licorice wands, crate paper for decorations, squishy balls and hoola hoops for our Quidditch game, disposable(and griffindor house colors) plates, forks and napkins and a couple of maroon plastic table covers, one for the table and one to turn into Platform 9 and 3/4. The other supplies we bought were jelly bellies, Bertie Botts every flavor beans, lemon drops and I bought chocolate frog molds on amazon for a few dollars. The most expensive things were the jellie bellies and bertie botts beans. I think if we did it again I wouldn't get the jelly bellies, but just the bertie botts beans so that we can play our 'guess what flavor of bean this is' game.

I love this image she found online and printed to put on our toilet. It says, "Ministry of Magic, This Way" with an hour pointing into the toilet.
And of course, since I do cakes, we had to make a cool HP cake. She wanted the cake completely covered in buttercream, with some fondant accents. So I did a fondant scarf, HP logo and balls border. Many thanks to Marie, who was visiting from CO (she and her husband came for a couple of nights; her husband Stephen worked with Scott) who helped me roll the fondant balls when I was quickly trying to finish the cake at the last second ;), and to Kim who brought over some Harry Potter figurines she found in her basement that she thought we'd like to use for the cake and which were perfect!

Elisabeth as Hermoine and me as Professor McGonagall.
Entrance to Hogwarts through platform 9 3/4 .
We played two games of quidditch in the backyard before it got too hot. The golden snitch that we hid for the seeker to find was one of those white chocolate balls in a golden wrapper, and we taped wax paper wings to it.

Wand making station. We used chop sticks, hot glue for decorations and to make a thicker handle, and paint.
My favorite game to watch and video: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean guessing game. Before the party, I separated the beans by flavor into little snack sized ziploc baggies. Each baggie had a number inside, labeled 1-20. The girls each got a piece of paper, numbered it one through twenty, and then they'd try each flavor and write down what they thought it was. The worst tasting ones are vomit, earth worm and rotten egg. Grass and dirt weren't very good either.

And we forgot to pull out the butterbeer (basically cooked brown sugar and butter, mixed in with cream soda and whipped cream...super sweet! a little too sweet, in my opinion) until half the girls had already left! Boo. But it was fun to try. Happy 11th Birthday Sweet Elisabeth ! You are amazing!

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