Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

 It is tough to get a normal looking picture with this group. They are just all too goofy.

And so we got several goofy shots, and I didn't even post them all here.

 And then it wasn't until I said, "Okay, I'm just going to keep taking pictures until I get a good one", that we finally lost the bunny ears and most of the silly faces.
 Scott requested stuffed French Toast and Bacon.
 Since we don't eat meat very much, especially meat other than chicken, when I do buy meats, I'm totally okay with buying the more expensive kinds that don't have any hormones etc added. I figure, we still spend way less on our meat, with the little amount we eat, than most. I, of course, just had the stuffed french toast, since I don't like the taste of meat (or smell). We made whipped cream and a vanilla syrup to go over top which was delicious. Doesn't it look like a perfect 4th of July breakfast? And the middle was stuffed with a cream cheese and strawberries mixture which colors also go well with the 4th of July.
 The kids made Scott Father's Day cards and a couple of them made him books of coupons with helpful things they'll do for him around the house (I love those!).

 Jane and Nora were sick with colds and fevers so they were not up to joining us for breakfast or pictures. We hope they get well soon.
Here I am, rubbing essential oils on Nora's back, which she loves to have done when she's sick. 
 And actually, by the end of Sunday evening, Jane was in the living room, playing with the guitar and singing, so she's already feeling better.

 We got dad a new tie, since we know how he loves a variety, and an Olive Garden gift card so that mom and dad can go on a prepaid date :), even though, technically, it was prepaid by him :). Either way, it still feels like a free meal :).
I am so grateful to have Scott in my life, as my husband, my best friend and eternal companion, and as the father of our five children. He is so supportive and loving and kind, such a hard worker and I definitely find strength and comfort in him, on a regular basis. I am also so grateful to my father and to Scott's father, for all their hard work over the years, and their continuing love and support. And especially for our Heavenly Father, who has given us all and who loves us and knows us best.

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