Monday, June 22, 2015

Babysitting and prepping for a mini Triathlon

 I love the kids artwork, but I don't like having lots of papers around the house so I will usually display their artwork on the fridge for a couple of days, take a picture of it, put it on my blog and then call it good and we can recycle that artwork knowing that it will appear in next years published blog book. I loved this picture 5 year old Jane drew of some princesses and a rainbow.
Elisabeth is taking piano lessons from Bridget Johansen who lives in Draper. She is really good. I like to watch her piano teacher as she teaches Elisabeth. She'll sometimes sit back and look at the position of Elisabeth's fingers and hands and posture and correct her,

 She'll sometimes lean close and use the metronome or write things into her music,
 And she'll sometimes bump her off and demonstrate what Elisabeth's doing, then how she wants it, and then she'll ask Elisabeth what she needs to do differently or what didn't work as well. She wants perfection and Elisabeth is happy to learn and aim for perfection. This might not go as well with some of my other kids, but for Elisabeth, she's perfect.
 We're also going to the church most weekdays to practice on the organ. We downloaded these podcasts called New LDS Organist, which was done at BYU or by BYU, where they give you 12 lessons on how to play the organ. We finished lesson 4 last week and Elisabeth is loving it. I think once we finish all 12 lessons, I would like her to get with an organist, for just a couple of lessons, and have them give her some feedback on her technique and any tips and advice on things she could be doing differently that might help.

Here is a short video clip of Elisabeth playing Sweet Hour of Prayer:

I can't believe Elisabeth is going to be 11 this week! I can't believe I'm old enough to have an 11 year old :). We've recently started to allow Elisabeth to babysit for short periods of time if I have to run out to the store or do some other errands. She is very responsible and is getting in some good practice for when she can start babysitting for other families. She came up with this chart all on her own :); like mother, like daughter, huh? I love charts and I'm glad she finds them useful, too! She gives the kids points for good behavior and cleaning up etc, and then she's gathered together some of her old things that she thinks they'll like, and put them in a gallon ziploc  bag, and once they get a certain amount of points, she allows them to pick a prize. Brilliant Elisabeth!

Since Elisabeth is babysitting now, Scott and I will go out and exercise together one or two days during the week, the other days we mostly exercise at home. It has been beautiful lately and we got up at 530 and rode our bikes down to the outdoor swimming pool and swam laps for 20 minutes and then rode back home (4 miles round trip) and then I jogged a mile. When we left in the morning it was almost 65 degrees and when we were done it was nearly 70. Perfect for swimming and biking. We're preparing for a multi-stake, mini triathlon in August; though we are both super rusty when it comes to swimming. I think we'll need to take a swimming lesson and learn the proper technique before we can get any better :). 

Speaking of babysitting, we watched Jessa last week. She is the daughter of our very good family friends, whom Scott and I have been friends with since the very beginning of our marriage. We met when we were going to BYU, we lived in the same student family housing complex, and Gina was my visiting teacher. I remember the first time we met in person was when I found her number and called her up to see if she could give me a ride to my dentist because our car wasn't working, and that's what visiting teachers do, right? They help :). Anyhow, we started walking together, while pushing our strollers, most, if not every, week day and our friendship blossomed. We also took our first cake decorating classes together and had a combined birthday party for Elisabeth and Evan when they turned one since they were only a couple of weeks apart. Anyway, we sure love that family!  

Saturday night we had their family over for dinner; we had breakfast for dinner :). Their kids play the piano too(three of their six kids at least) and Elisabeth and Sara did a good amount of piano playing; Sara even gave Elisabeth some tips on learning how to play the piano backwards! That would be fun!

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