Monday, June 1, 2015

A few more pictures from CO

I found a few more pictures from Colorado that I want in my blog books so here they are:

Nora made these cute art projects in nursery. I love how colorful they are and that they used her hand prints.

This was a St Patty's day picture Annabelle made in her first grade classroom...she's holding a leprechaun in a cage.
Charles' poem he wrote in his 3rd grade class about football.

My good friend Desi had a birthday just before we left so we went out to lunch with our girls and our friend Ann and her daughter. They chose Sweet Tomatoes!
Elisabeth was the pianist for orchestra this year at her elementary school and we went to that final concert. It was fine but I don't know that she'd do it again because the music she plays is so simple and easy that she's not learning anything but she still has to go to orchestra practice each week. But a fun, new experience.

Lunch date with Charles because he earned 50 stars. I took him out of school for lunch and we went to Subway. I love having one-on-one time with the kiddos.
Just before we left our friends the Halatakoa Family, stopped by to say goodbye. They brought M&M's (Rachel likes to tease me because I don't eat chocolate ;)), and Sifa gave Charles a Colorado shirt which was so sweet. They were good buddies.

My visiting teacher and good friend Claudia Ossola stopped by with some snacks for our drive and then she helped me clean the house for an hour.
We will miss the Rogers family dearly. We got the closest with their family because we were neighbors and went to church together. The kids each had a friend they liked to play with in the Rogers family.
Desi and Mike watched our kids for a couple of hours the night we left while Scott and I cleaned and got things finished off, and they fed them dinner.
 With neighbor and good friend Desi who helped me with sewing projects amongst other things and always let me come down whenever to visit. So grateful for good friends.

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