Friday, May 15, 2015

When Daddy's Gone

I miss Scott the most at night and on weekends, because that's usually when he's home with us. During the day life is pretty normal, though it was nice to have him around to help with evening rides on piano lesson day or early morning student leadership meetings, but we've been able to work it out alright. Thursday before piano lessons, since they start about 30 minutes after school is out and they are very near to the school, I took the kids to the park to play since they didn't have any homework. Normally, if they have homework, we'll drive to the library which is also close, and they'll finish their homework and then check out material.
My friend, Mine, had me and the girls over for lunch one day this past week. She made something similar to what is below. It was a grilled mozarella, pesto and tomato sandwich. I didn't have any pesto when I recreated this lunch for the family, so I substituted avocado. So yummy! I think next time I'll do the pesto and the avocado.

Friday night was family movie night. We popped up some popcorn and I gave each of the kids a big bowl along with a few pieces of Aussie Strawberry licorice. It's our fav movie night treat.
Once the little kids went to bed, the older kids and I read and/or wrote in our journals.
Lots of love for mom.

I ordered a new 5 piece suit for Charles which inluded a white shirt, tie and vest. He tried it on right away and he looked so handsome! We got it from the Black and Bianco website for $40 with shipping! Sweet deal (thanks Desi for telling me about it).
I've asked Scott to send me pictures of his progress on our unfinished laundry/storage room. His dad was able to come out for several days to help, which was so nice. Framing done:
Most of the drywall up: It's looking SO good! I can't wait til it's done!
Saturday was rainy and dark so we spent the day inside, besides my run in the morning. We cleaned and organized (nice thing about moving is all the organization and decluttering that gets done) for awhile and then we played games, watched a movie and Charles and I had a nerf gun shooting/target competition. I won!

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