Monday, May 4, 2015

Mom's visit and Nora's 3rd Birthday

My mom came for a visit this past week! She arrived a couple days after Scott got home from Utah. It was so nice to have them both here for the week, especially since we had Nora's birthday, piano recital, Aladdin Musical performance and 2 soccer games. It wouldn't have been as fun to make it to all those events if I was doing it on my own.

Nora turned three this week! She LOVED having a birthday this year and talked about it for months leading up to it. Literally, months. She was always very concerned about when I was going to make her cake and the couple days leading up to her birthday were killer because she wanted me working on it at times when I was not ready which was hard for her to understand.
Nora got some fun new clothes, shoes and toys. 

I'm pretty sure she changed into five outfits that day...had to try them all out I guess :). Nora also got a balance bike(2 wheeler without pedals) which she LOVES.
After we did our traditional gift opening and breakfast of choice (which was a granola from Costco) in the morning, we took the kids to school and then did some shopping. Mom needed a new winter coat which we scored for a great deal, and the girls each got a new pair of shoes. Jane got pink cowgirl boots and Nora got pink, light-up tennis shoes. Once we got the shoes we headed to Costco for our weekly grocery stop, and since it was Nora's birthday I let the girls each lunch there. I know, I know, I really go all out with our $2 lunches at Costco ;).

I had baked the cake that morning and once we got home from shopping and after I put Nora down for a nap, I decorated her cake. She picked the design. I had taken her to a bakery a month before and asked her to point out her favorite cake. It looked like the one below but with more gender neutral colors. I snapped a picture of that cake with my iphone and then recreated it at home. I think it turned out very cute, and so did Nora. 

Nora was so happy to wake up and see her cake all done!

That night we had the missionaries over for homemade pizza (Nora's request), and then once Elisabeth got back from her Aladdin musical practice we had cake and homemade mint ice cream.
Nora loved being the special birthday girl for the day. We sure love our little, beautiful, potty-trained, happy, loving, energetic, independent, feisty, loud Nora. We definitely feel an added measure of love and happiness when she's with us.

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