Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Week Apart

Well, last week was our last week apart from Dad before we all move to Utah. His last trip out to Utah was for 12 days, which meant he was there over Mother's Day weekend, which wasn't our favorite thing, but he was able to get a lot done on the unfinished laundry/storage room which made it better. There were several plumbing problems at the house that surfaced while he was there and so it was such a blessing to have him there to get that all taken care of. I know it was discouraging for him at times to have yet another plumbing issue to fix before he could move on with his projects, but prayers were answered in the form of loving friends and neighbors who, of their own free will and accord, would just randomly show up and spend time helping out with various projects and I know that helped lift his spirits and bring hope and light when things were looking dismal. 

While Scott was busy working on our home in Utah, the kids and I tried to live a somewhat normal schedule, keeping up with school, soccer and piano lessons but also trying to get things cleaned and organized for our move. We even packed a few boxes of books. For Family Home Evening Monday night, we had our lesson during dinner and then rode our bikes to Zinga Frozen Yogurt for our activity and dessert. We had two free frozen yogurts that we had to use before we moved so this was the perfect time :). 

Since Scott's been traveling, the kids have been really good about helping out more with things he'd normally do like extra cleaning and helping put the little girls to bed. All three of the oldest kids have been taking turns reading to Jane and Nora and taking them to bed.

Nora, for about a week, was sleeping better, even with Scott being away again, which I thought was because I bought more nightlights to put in her room, ours and the bathroom. But that didn't last long. During his second week away she started getting up again every night, multiple times a night, and coming into my room, begging to sleep with me. I would take her back until about 4am at which time I would let her climb in bed with me. Afraid I was forming a bad habit of allowing her in bed, even if it was later in the morning, I decided to just pull her blanket and pillow in when she came in the first time, and I set up a make-shift bed for her on the floor of my room.
Here's the boxes of books we packed up before Scott got home. We also took down all the wall hangings. 

Last week we also got the kids school teachers, and their piano teacher, a little 'teacher appreciation' gift since school is almost over and we're moving. We did Jamba Juice gift cards for their school teachers and a Chipotle gift card for their piano teacher. 

The weeks that Scott travels, I told the kids we could go out to dinner one night a week, that way Mom can have a break from cooking and cleaning one night :). After piano lessons Thursday night, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, a family favorite. I told the big kids, on the way there, that the only way we were going to eat out that night was if they promised to help out with the younger girls and be on their best behavior. They all were pretty awesome. And that was our last night without daddy!

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