Monday, May 25, 2015

Home, Father-Son Camp out, Emily's Birthday

We moved to Utah last weekend! More on that in the post Wednesday this week (hopefully, if I can get internet set up in time). For now we need to go back to the week before the move and catch up. Friday afternoon Scott flew in from Utah and the girls and I picked him up at the airport since he left his truck at our house in Utah. His flight was a little late so the girls and I had some time to visit and sing in the van, in the cell phone lot, while we waited.

 We are so happy to have Scott home. He literally is my home. Home is where Scott is, and I don't feel 'at home' when he's away. So glad to have him back! Jane took this picture; the trunk of the van was open so she leaned over her seat and snapped this :).
We went straight from the airport to pick up the kids after school.

We were home for about an hour before Scott and Charles took off for the Stake Father and Son camp out. While they were out, us girls got Thai food delivered to the house and we watched High School Musical 2 and ate popcorn and aussie licorice. 

This was Jane when Gabriella and Troy kissed at the end of the movie :).
Saturday was Elisabeth's BFF Emily's birthday and they invited several of her friends and their families to join them at the park to celebrate. We brought the whole family and had a really nice visit and the kids loved playing with friends.

Near the end of the party the girls came and told us that there were free paddle boat rides being offered for just a couple of hours that day. We all decided to go for a ride.

The following week Scott was home working from 7-530pm, kids were at school, I was taking care of normal homemaker tasks during the day, and each night we would try and spend about an hour packing together, as a family. It worked out pretty well and we got a lot done. Friday we had a moving company come over and finish off the packing (mostly bedroom and kitchen stuff) and load up the didn't all fit; Uhaul 'guaranteed' a 26' truck and then the week before called and said they didn't have a 26' truck close by so they gave us a 20' truck and a small trailer, which was not big enough. Any how, we ended up leaving a garage full of our things in CO for a night until Scott could drive the truck back(he headed back to CO about an hour after we finished unloading everything), fill it up again (with the help of friends) and then drive it back to Utah. My sweet, hard working husband drove 25 hours that weekend. He was blessed to have a friend in our church ward in Utah offer to drive back with him which made it a little better and safer. After talking to many, many friends that had similar experiences with uhaul, we decided that if we ever move again, we will not use Uhaul.

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