Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Denver Botanical Gardens, Elisabeth's Chosen Art, and the Zoo

The day after Nora's birthday, I planned a little surprise outing with Mom since her birthday is coming up in a week. Scott was working from home and so Jane and Nora stayed behind with him (and got to watch movies and eat popcorn! And take naps; well, Nora took a nap). So grateful for my dear Scott.

Our outing included a trip to Botanical Gardens in Denver and then lunch at Linger. This was both of our first time to the gardens.

It was so nice to walk through the gardens together, enjoying the beauty of God's creations, and not having to chase or worry about the children :).

My favorite garden was probably the indoor tropical gardens. Standing next to the giant plants and leaves in there made me feel like I was as small as an ant. I felt like I'd stepped into another world, a world of giants. I think I loved it because it was so foreign to me. Everything was beautiful.
Linger is one of my favorite places to eat in Denver because of it's more natural and local choices. Mom and I shared sweet potato fries, a beet salad, and a Masala Dosa (brown rice crepe filled with potatoes, peas and other yummy flavors, along with a yummy mint chutney sauce).
This is the Masala Dosa, and my personal favorite.

Here are a couple of other random pictures from our week (more pictures on the next post from the Aladdin musical and the recital):

We walked to the park several times because it was lovely outside. Below, Nora is sporting her new, light-up tennis shoes, and dress.
I tucked her dress into her underwear while she rode her balance bike so she wouldn't ruin the dress. It looked pretty awesome :).
The kids had Wednesday through Friday off of school for testing (called Flex days), and the morning that I had the kids test, Mom and I walked around the halls for a bit and I finally got to see Elisabeth's award winning piece of art. This was featured at a local-ish exhibit the month before, but unfortunately, with our crazy schedules and Scott traveling, we were unable to attend. So it was nice to finally see.

Since the kids had several days off of school, which worked out perfectly since Gran was here, we went to the Denver zoo one day. This was everyone's first time to the Denver zoo(understandably, since it cost nearly $100 for the six of us, and we only had two adult priced tickets), minus myself and Annabelle, who went for her field trip last year. They loved watching the elephant and sea lion shows. Other favorites were the giraffe, bear, lion, giant lizards and rodents, monkeys and apes, peacocks, bats, flamingos and rhino.
We did lots of walking since it's huge, and we spent about 3 1/2 hours there which was an hour and a half longer than I had anticipated; the kids were tired and hungry by the end, though we did bring some apples, pistachios and popcorn to hold us down until we got home.

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