Monday, May 11, 2015

Dad and Gran Gone

Scott and Granny are gone again. They both left last Sunday, May 3rd. Before Gran left she played a quick game of scrabble with the older kids. We loved having her here! Scott drove his truck out to Utah this time to leave it there at our house since the tenants have moved out and Scott can start working on the house. He packed his truck with tools, towels, dishes, a folding table and chairs and our fold up bed and more. He will be gone for 12 days this time, the longest time he's been away from us. He will miss Mother's Day with us, but we're planning on doing a small something once he gets back so that he won't completely miss it.

Nora has the most exaggerated and fun facial expressions. This was her face when she came into me demanding more whipped cream. As if she didn't have enough already, just look at the leftovers on her nose, forehead and chin! Love this little lady.

Since Scott's been gone, the kids have really stepped up to help out around the house. Besides helping with younger siblings and doing extra chores, Elisabeth made these almond butter protein bars while we dropped Gran off at the airport so that we'd have a quick, yummy and healthy snack during the week.

Jane helped me make some banana muffins one afternoon. We froze most of them so that the kids could grab one in the morning, throw it in their lunch box, and have it all ready to eat by snack or lunch time. 

And can you tell I was a little more spacey, with too many things on my mind? Nora dear, got out of her car seat when we were waiting at the school early morning for the kids to go in (Elisabeth had an early morning student leadership meeting and since the school is a ten minute drive, we just stay until school begins). I didn't notice that she was sitting in a big person seat with a normal seat belt until we were close to home! Oh boy! Glad she sat so still and that there weren't any problems.
And here's is some of Nora's art, in the sink with her pink toothpaste. Lovely. We have a little Ramona Quimby in the making.

I took some pictures of a book Annabelle had put together at school of things she does on a typical school day, and the times she does those things. These were my favorite because they involved the family:

8am - we're in the van, which is gray, driving to school.

5pm - the family is eating dinner around the table.

6pm- reading time. Annabelle is sitting on the couch reading Charlotte's Web in this pic.

7pm - The family sitting on the couch reading scriptures. She wrote " read scipshers" :). Love it!

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