Friday, May 8, 2015

Aladdin Jr Musical and Piano Recital

Elisabeth got to play the narrator for one of the two Disney Aladdin Jr performances for her school this past week. Even though she wouldn't admit it, I know she enjoyed getting all made up for her performance. I had fun being a makeup artist for a bit and trying out some ideas I'd found on Pinterest. I took these before her performance...wanted to get a picture of the makeup before she was sweaty.

She did an amazing job! Even though she was a little disappointed about only have 7 lines as a 'minor main', she was on the stage a lot, singing and dancing and so that was fun for us to see.

Before her performance, Elisabeth said in a very polite tone, "Mom, if you're going to bring me something after the play, can it not be flowers?" I asked her if she had something in mind and she said, "hum, maybe a chocolate orange." I told her that those don't usually come out until Christmas time but that I'd come up with something. Granny and I then put together this basket which had some fruit and nut bars, gum, one of those egg looking chapsticks (she'd asked for it awhile back), and some dark chocolate mint filled squares...she is definitely a dark chocolate lover. She loved it!
Friday night all three of our oldest children has a piano recital in their piano teacher's home.

Elisabeth is now one of Cheryl's more advanced students which means she got to sit on the couch with her other two advanced students, everyone else is in chairs.
They play in order of their level so of our three children, Annabelle was up first,

then Charles,

and last Elisabeth.

I am so grateful for their piano teacher, Cheryl Reeder who studied music and piano pedagogy in school and who has taught for many years and is just absolutely amazing.

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