Monday, March 23, 2015

St Patrick's Day celebrations

St. Patrick's Day was pretty laid back this year; most of our holiday celebrations have gotten pretty relaxed. We usually do something but I don't want to add extra stress so that something isn't very elaborate or time-consuming. When we celebrate, we tend to celebrate with foods and colors of clothing, so we all wore green (found the older kids green shirts at Walmart for $1, and the younger girls got some for the same price at a thrift store) and we ate green and/or Irish foods for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast I made green smoothies, which I make every morning, but this time I didn't add any dark colored berries, we just used pineapple, banana, mango and strawberry along with our greens so that it really was green.
Charles and Annabelle after school, wearing green and eating peanut butter and apple sandwiches (not green or Irish).
Oh, and we couldn't possibly forget Nora!

For dinner we had Irish soda bread, which I made the day before, salad, potato and leek soup and rainbow fruit cups. The rainbow fruit cups I decided to make on a whim just before we served dinner since I noticed and variety of beautifully colored fruits on hand.

After dinner, also on a whim, I decided to try a new ice cream recipe in our ice cream maker that I'd been dreaming up for weeks. Chocolate chip mint ice cream, no dairy, no refined sugar and no dyes! I used almond milk and canned and refrigerated coconut milk, spinach for color, pure maple syrup for sweetener, and peppermint essential oil for flavor. Once the ice cream was done we added carob chips to some and dark chocolate pieces to some. It was SO yummy and the kids had NO idea it was made with spinach and non-dairy milks and no sugar!

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