Monday, March 16, 2015

Rewards for Good Behavior Board

 I talked about our behavior board and stars reward system a couple of weeks ago in this post.  Well, since then all four kids have been able to redeem their 50 stars for a fun activity. I took the girls to see Cinderella at Standley Lake High School. Their babysitter, Emery Hines, was playing Cinderella which was so fun for them to see. Emery was amazing! She has a beautiful voice and was awesome on the stage.

 Changing gears for such a second, I made this checklist for Charles and stuck it on our garage door so he can see it as we go out to the van each morning to school. He is known for forgetting things, I'd say at least a few times a week he'll leave something at home or at school. Now as we're heading out he stops at the door and checks for each thing which has helped a lot.
 Last month, before we started our rewards, I told Elisabeth I'd take her rock climbing at the rec center again because dad took Charles awhile back. Jane asked if she could come along and then Charles asked if he could turn in his 50 stars and go again so I agreed. It's such good exercise and so I'm happy to have them join in on the fun.
 Charles and Elisabeth each did four climbs, and really challenged themselves with the level of difficulty. They each made up two of their four climbs.
 The last time I went, which was also my first time climbing, I did three climbs and made it to the top of two. This time I did five climbs (4 new and all four challenging) and I made it to the top on every one! My forearms were sore afterward, still are actually :).

Jane did two climbs, which is more than she did last time, and she made it up a lot farther than before! Nice job! 

Because it looks like the kids will be able to redeem rewards about every two weeks, we told them that every other time they can turn in their 50 stars for $5, that way they'll earn a little money (we'd stopped doing allowance awhile back) and still get a date/fun activity with mom or dad once a month. The behavior board continues to work very nicely. 

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