Monday, March 30, 2015

Jane's 5th Birthday

Jane is five! I can hardly believe that she'll be in kindergarten next year and I'll only have one left at home with me all day! It's a bit sad, really. I love having the children home with me and when they leave, it reminds me that they are constantly growing up and that I won't be living with us forever, but really, for only a very short time during our time here on earth.
Jane woke up, ate breakfast (cereal, of course; that's everyone's breakfast of choice on their birthday since we never have it otherwise. She choose a 'Frozen' cereal) and opened her gifts. She got a doll, a kid camera/video/voice recorder thing, clothes and sandals, money from grandma and grandpa and Gran got her a dress and matching dress for her new doll.

Scott went to work and later that morning we met our good friends, the Rogers (and Jane's bff Ruby) at Jump City. We jumped for an hour, Desi and I even joined in and played dodge ball etc which was fun, and then we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and we brought cupcakes to share with our friends. After lunch we came home and gave Nora a nap and the kids played with Jane's new camera and then they started part of a new Tinkerbell movie but we didn't get far along before Nora was up and we went outside and played with our friends and neighbors, the Rogers, again :). The weather has been gorgeous, low 70's and sunny, so we've been outside a lot, spending time with our friends.

Once Scott got home we had home made pizza, bread sticks and salad and as tradition, we went around the dinner table and each said something we love about our Jane, which was easy to do! Then the missionaries came over, per Jane's request, and we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream. Like I mentioned in the previous post she requested a cake of her "love" which is a baby Eeyore blanket thing.

Jane requested birthday cake ice cream and we also made our vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream since I prefer non dairy ice cream and Elisabeth was still getting over a sickness and didn't want dairy and sugar. We didn't tell the missionaries until after they ate their ice cream that it was dairy free, sweetened with pure maple syrup and had spinach inside :). They were surprised. You can find that recipe here. It's really yummy!

We sure love our cart-wheeling, loud singing, creative dancing, artistic, fast, loving and thoughtful Jane!

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