Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friends, Food, Mariachi band

Jane's birthday is coming up this week and when my kids have birthdays, their great Aunt Jolene, my mom's sister, always sends them a $5 gift card for mcdonalds or dairy queen. We used the gift card to get Jane and Nora hot dogs and cones at DQ last week which they thought was so special.
Nora (and Annabelle) love cashews. When they're wanting a quick snack they pull the entire costco container out of the pantry and carry it around the house with them. I'm trying to teach them to pour themselves a small bowl and eat them in the kitchen, but it'll take some time and patience before it sinks in and they do it on their own without any reminders :). 
 Elisabeth has activity days with girls ages 8-11 in our church every other Wednesday evening at the church, same time and place as Charles cub scouts, which is very convenient. They have a big group of girls that attend, probably around 15 most weeks. The girls love their leaders and they love spending time together learning about teachings of Jesus and other good life skills.
 Jane and Nora helped me pull out our two Easter decorations :), and while we were digging through our box of easter baskets and eggs, they found their baskets and quickly and excitedly pulled them out and have been playing with them since.
 Hours, and hours of fun!
 During the day, while the older kids are at school and Scott's at work, the girls and I play and do our cooking and cleaning. Jane made a lot of the protein balls on her own this week...this is one of the kids favorite snack items.
 We have dinner together as a family each night, which is one of my favorite things of the day, eating while visiting with the family. During the day, Jane, Nora and I eat lunch together each day which is another favorite time. These girls love taco salad so we have that often.
 This is our dear friend, Patricia Murphy, or Sister Murphy, as our children call her. She crocheted a beautiful infinity scarf for me this past week(pictured here). I will feel love every time I wear it.
 She wanted to watch the new, third Night at the Museum movie with the kids that her son just bought, so Scott and I were able to go out on a dinner date while they did that. We ate dinner somewhere we'd never been before called Que Bueno, and when we walked in I was pleasantly surprised to hear and see a Mariachi band playing! My eyes instantly filled with tears and memories came flooding to my mind of home. Of home, in Seattle with my family, and with my father who is from Mexico and was constantly playing his mariachi records and telling us about his days in Mexico, growing up on the farm and playing soccer and the cornet. Love family and history, grandparents and beyond, different cultures and all!

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