Monday, March 9, 2015

Elisabeth in Broomfield Piano Festival

Last week was Elisabeth's rehearsal for the Broomfield Piano festival. She went to her piano teachers house and performed her three songs, along with three other students, and were judged by her teacher and her teacher's daughter who is also a musician. It went well and Elisabeth received some good feedback which she worked on over the next week.
Auditions for the festival were in the morning on Saturday. I took Elisabeth and waited out in the lobby while she auditioned. We came back in the afternoon for the announcement of those who made it into the festival which would be later that afternoon. We had heard before hand that this is a very challenging audition with a lot of amazing talent, so she came into this not expecting to make it and was pleasantly surprised when she was one of the 14 children in her age group (5th and 6th grade) selected to play a song in the festival! 

She did a wonderful job, as did the other 13 children who played at the festival. Way to go Elisabeth!
Next up is the audition for the Tashco festival in 2 weeks!

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Sara said...

Great job, Elisabeth! :)