Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

Here are some pictures from our Valentine's Day weekend this year.

Elisabeth working on a Valentine card for her teacher.
Her teacher is young and loves minions, so Elisabeth drew her a minion (she looked up a tutorial on my phone first on how to draw a minion which I thought was wise), and under it she wrote, "You're one in a minion!" I thought that was a pretty clever line.
 Scott and I had a night away Friday night to Saturday afternoon thanks to Patricia Murphy, a dear friend of ours.  We ate dinner and went ice skating in Louisville, CO Friday night, and stopped by Trader Joes on our way up to our Bed and Breakfast in Boulder Canyon.

Short, fun video of Scott's awesome skate moves! I love Scott's special trick, the plank pose :).

At the B and B, they served scones with a variety of toppings (jam, butter and lemon sauce), and we shared a roasted potato pesto quiche and stuffed french toast with some sparkling cider.

 After breakfast we took our snowshoe rentals out to Brainard Lakes and went snowshoeing for the first time.

I loved the peace and quiet and seeing so many of God's beautiful creations.
 We got lunch in Nederlands at a cute cafe before heading back for home. We loved their paninis.

 When we were walking around Louisville after dinner Friday night, we went into an interesting candy shop and we found Harry Potter chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. We got a frog for Patricia and beans for the kids to share.
 I thought they would just be normal flavored jelly bellies, but they weren't. They actually did have flavors that tasted like vomit, dirt, earwax, soap, rotten eggs, etc. Nora was a good sport and tried several.
She spit all of them out. 

Short, funny video of Nora testing out the Jelly Beans:

Elisabeth has been planning to have a Harry Potter birthday party this coming year and when we found these beans she decided we'd play a game with them at her party where the kids will get blindfolded and they have to try and guess the flavor of the bean! Brilliant! But I'll be the judge, not one of the taste testers, because I hope to never eat a vomit-flavored bean again :).

For dinner on Valentine's, we had our traditional heart-shaped pizza and some salad and pasta to go with it. Scott got the kids mini heart cakes for dessert and Scott and I ate the baked goods we picked up at the cafe earlier that day, namely a slice of carrot cake for me, and a Heavenly Bar for Scott (essentially a seven layer bar without the craisins).
 I snapped this picture of Nora as she was flossing her teeth in preparation for bed because she looked funny.

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