Friday, February 13, 2015

Sewing pillows, playing airplane and backyard camping

Elisabeth has Activity Days every other Wednesday evening and last month they sewed small, travel-sized pillows. I was there helping out with the activity and we had a bunch of scraps of fabric left over so I took some home and one afternoon Jane and I sewed up small pillows for everyone in the family. We go on road trips every year and it'll be nicer to have these 7 smaller-sized pillows rather than 7 full-sized ones. Three of the girls, and myself, got pillows with owls on one side and a pastel striped  flannel on the back. Charles and Elisabeth had American flags on one side and blue on the back, and Scott had blue on one side and then I used an old BYU tshirt for the other side.
Switching gears, here is Jane, playing "airplane" with me. She is holding a ticket. She likes to line up all the chairs in a row for the aisles of the plane and then we put our bags/luggage on and we travel to various locations :). This was all her idea. And don't you love her clothing choice for the day? She wears it a lot, and I don't really mind.
Friday night this past week was warm, in the high 60's, but windy, and Scott and the kids set up two small tents in the back, we ate dinner over the fire, roasted marshmallows and visited. Nora didn't like being out there once it got dark; she wanted me holding her at all times, or if I couldn't because I had to help roast hotdogs or marshamallows, she would hold onto my leg. I brought her in the house and put her down to bed around 8 and then I went back outside, we read scriptures in the tent, visited and then Scott and Jane went into their tent and I scratched Jane's back until she fell asleep, went and checked on the three oldest who were just getting ready to play Pit and Uno, and then went inside where I folded some laundry, read and went to sleep in my bed :)...that's my kind of camping! I love to be outdoors, and I think firepits are fun and relaxing to watch but I also love climbing into my warm, comfy and cozy bed each night. Now that's not to say that I won't camp, because I will, and I do, but if we're at home and if I have Nora as an excuse to stay inside, then I'll use it! :)

Here we are in the big kids tent just before we read scriptures.
Jane, all cozied up in her sleeping bag with her favorite stuffed Belle doll.

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