Monday, February 9, 2015

Science Fair Projects Completed

 The kids finished their science fair projects and turned them in last week. All three did a project and all three put a lot of hard work and thought into their experiments and we're proud of them all!

Annabelle did her science experiment on "Essential Oils vs Cortizone Cream" and it's effects on eczema. She found that they both worked to clear up eczema and in about the same amount of time. Since essential oils are all natural, they are our first choice when it comes to healing. Annabelle got third place for the first grade science fair!
Charles loves to cook and so his experiment was "cookie science" where he experimented with amounts of flour for high altitude and also taste differences when using wheat flour. We found that at high altitude, you need to add extra flour, around 1-2 cups, in order for the cookie not to go super flat. We also found that for chocolate chip cookies, it's best to do half wheat and half white flour if you're trying to make them a little more healthy but still taste great. (But I know from experience that whole wheat peanut butter cookies are amazing!). Charles did awesome and competition was tough! Lots of kids participated in the science fair so I'm sure judging was tough.

Elisabeth worked on her science project with one of her best friends, Tammy, and they did theirs on "organic vs non-organic potatoes". 

 They found that the organic potatoes sprouted quicker and a lot more than the non-organic potatoes and we learned that's because of all the pesticides and chemicals they put on the non-organic potatoes that prevents them from sprouting. Besides learning about the many, many chemicals they put on non organic potatoes, we also learned that most farmers will not eat the conventional potatoes they grow, but rather, will have a separate organic plot for their families. After doing this experiment, we decided from now on we'll definitely choose organic vs non organic potatoes. After the project, we also found a 'dirty dozen' list of the top 12 produce items you should always try and get organic and we're trying to do that as well.
After they finished the board and before they turned it in, Tammy took it home and added some fun potato drawings to the board which made it look even more lovely. I loved the Harry Potter potato she made :). Elisabeth and Tammy won first place for the fifth grade science fair projects!

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