Monday, February 23, 2015

Mountains of laundry, baking, and more

Monday is laundry day. Laundry is not my favorite chore, mostly because I don't enjoy folding and I don't enjoy putting it all away. So we do it all in one day, so that it's over in one day, and I wash and dry while the kids are at school and I'm deep cleaning from our over the weekend fun and adventures, and then that night Scott and I sit down together and fold everything, sometimes while visiting and sometimes while watching something and then we put our things away and bring the kids baskets of clean, folded clothes to their rooms so they can put them away in the morning. We had Elisabeth doing her own laundry for awhile, but it's hard when she shares the same laundry basket with two of her sisters because separating it out takes extra time and she rarely gets free time during the week as it is with school, homework, piano, student leadership, musical practice and soccer. Maybe what I should do is have her be in charge of doing the girls laundry on a Friday/Saturday. Wash and dry everything Friday and then either fold that night or the next day sometime. Not a bad idea. We'll see. As it is right now, I do about 7 loads every Monday, which equals out to about a load per person.
Wednesday and Thursday are really the only weekdays I have to myself, and by that I mean there is nothing scheduled in during the daytime when the kids are at school, and I love it! Monday is deep cleaning, laundry and Costco, Tuesday is volunteering at the school and Friday is choir. So Wednesday and Thursday I will sometimes take the girls to the park, or go on walks, or we'll stay in and do lots of cooking and baking. This past Thursday we made an unusual amount of food. We made banana bread and muffins, protein balls, Whole wheat bread, yogurt and then I still made dinner which was enchiladas with a sauce we make from scratch.

We froze most of the muffins since we had 2 loaves of banana bread as well, and this way Scott and the kids can pull one out in the morning, pack them in their lunches and by the time lunch rolls around they've defrosted perfectly and are ready to eat.

Even though I exercise early in the morning with Scott, when we have more time at home, the girls many times will pull out our yoga mats, turn on the Daily Burn program, and do a little exercising themselves. I love watching them! I take videos and pictures because it's so cute to see them try and do all sorts of fun moves like plank pushups, downward dog(pictured below), lunges, etc. 

One day last week I was in my bedroom and I heard the girls fighting over something in their room, I think it was babies and blankets, and I heard Jane telling Nora that she couldn't have it and I heard Nora getting frustrated (yelling "Jane! My baby!" etc). Then all of a sudden Jane starts screaming really loud and hard. I ran in there as Jane is running out to me, and now she can barely breathe because she's so upset. She gently puts her hand up to her shoulder blade and I can see a pretty good gauge in her skin where Nora bit her. I gave her a hug, put Nora in the crib and told her in a stern voice that we never bite or hurt anyone and that she needed to sit there for a few minutes and think about that while I would go help Jane get some ice and feel better. And that's what I did. Poor Jane. She was so surprised that she would do that, it really hurt her feelings. Nora felt bad and sincerely apologized to Jane a couple of times. Hopefully that won't happen again.
Nora is a sweet and tender little girl, but she's also two and still learning how to control her emotions and how to express her feelings in an appropriate way. And we're all learning patience at the same time :).  I love these next few pictures of Nora with Charles. They love each other, though Nora also normally likes to have her space so usually when he comes up to her wanting a hug or kiss, she'll tell him to go away so I was happy to see this and to catch this moment in time on camera.

Annabelle got Elenco Snap Circuits (electricity/science type stuff) for her birthday and she, Elisabeth and Charles have been enjoying setting it up and figuring out all the different variations. Saturday night, once the little girls went to bed and while Scott and I were having a movie date night, the kids went down to Charles room and worked on it for an hour and a half when we sent them off to bed.

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